Art Department Goals and Objectives


The goals are to:

  • Develop a personal aesthetic consciousness through the study of the artistic achievements of humans from pre-history to contemporary times
  • Explore individual creativity and advanced artistic proficiency in a variety of two and three dimensional media
  • Encourage artistic inspiration and innovation reflective of an intellectual, conceptual and psychological foundation
  • Acquire a knowledge of the New York City's arts community of museums, galleries and agencies as possible employment opportunities


Students will:

  • Possess a basic understanding of art history, from the past to the present, and its implication in individual expression
  • Gain an awareness of the commonality as well as the diversity of human artistic endeavors
  • Have a heightened respect and appreciation of artistic creation from both western and non-western cultures
  • Develop the powers of critical thinking in the analysis and discussion of one's own as well as others artistic initiatives
  • Be able to pursue gainful employment through the utilization of advanced artistic knowledge and tactile-visual skills

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