Write your own masterpiece for success in the undergraduate English program at Molloy College on Long Island, New York. Our graduates go on to teach at every level, they succeed as lawyers, excel as journalists, accomplish as writers, get the job done as editors and business managers.

Immersed in the currents of British, American and Anglophile literatures, you'll grasp the history of these literatures and the important human issues they raise, while learning to write creatively in their spirit.

Our curriculum fosters close reading, whereby a student must examine, in detail, at least one major author in the tradition in addition to Shakespeare; study in-depth a specific period in the history of the literatures in question and learn the appropriate critical language for assessing the genres that make up the tradition.

As an English major at Molloy, you'll benefit from:

  • A broad-based curriculum. You'll gain a thorough experience of the English and American literary traditions, the roots of Western literature in Greek and Roman drama, comedy and epic, the essentials of literary criticism, the Shakespeare canon and a major author, literary period or genre.
  • Our emphasis on writing and speaking skills. You'll have ample opportunity to strengthen and hone basic and advanced composition and communication skills through a wide variety of writing and speaking courses.
  • International education experiences: Study for a semester or year in Belgium, England, Australia or another country. Through our international education program you can take courses that integrate trips into the curriculum as a way of increasing cultural awareness.
  • Molloy's leadership in teacher education. Share your love of literature with the next generation with a combined degree in English/childhood education.
  • Wide-ranging electives. Choose from a fascinating variety of studies in poetry, fiction, drama, literary history and individual authors. Students may also select independent studies in disciplines not covered by established courses to explore special interests.
  • Internships. Internship opportunities in journalism, business, politics, public relations or in teaching remedial English demonstrate the practicality and viability of the English degree in the world beyond the classroom.
  • Respect. The English faculty, including the writing center professors and the writer-in-residence, are available to students for advice and personal assistance and respect the concerns and individuality of each and every major.