TESOL Certification Pathway: Additional Classroom Teaching Certificate (Must Hold a Valid Certificate)

TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Education for English language learners (ELLs) is rapidly changing in New York state. New regulations, effective Fall 2015, have established a new program - English as a New Language (ENL). This is an integrated model of instruction in which instructional time for ELLs must be supported in regular education classes with biliteracy as a main goal for all students.

An Important Choice for your Teaching Career
Changes in the New York state program for ELLs has prompted an increase in the need for dually certified TESOL teachers or certified teachers with a bilingual extension.   Many students embarking on a career in education are now opting for dual certification in TESOL, or a bilingual extension to increase their employment opportunities upon graduation.  

Molloy's Approach
Molloy's approach to TESOL education and bilingual certification studies focuses on theoretical issues and emphasizes research-based, authentic classroom practices. Molloy's acclaimed TESOL faculty are highly-skilled classroom practitioners, nationally known researchers and best-selling authors. They are frequent keynote speakers, consultants and professional developers for school districts and educational organizations throughout the country, concerning instructional programs and practices for ELLs.

Pathway to TESOL Certification 
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