Progression Policy

The program consists of the Apprentice Semester, the Pre-Professional Semester and the Professional Semester, commencing in spring of the junior year. Teacher candidates must continue to demonstrate an acceptable level of written and oral English skills to advance to the next semester. Referrals to the Writing Lab will be made on an individual basis.

During the Apprentice Semester, teacher candidates are required to attend two on-campus supervised seminars.

Teacher candidates (Baccalaureate Program/4-year) must earn a minimum grade of "C +" in all education courses and maintain a minimum cumulative average of 2.75 in their Education courses.

A positive evaluation (Baccalaureate Program/4-year) must be received from the Apprentice Semester field observation experience (co-requisite of EDU 329) in order to receive a grade and progress to the Pre-Professional Semester. It is the teacher candidate's responsibility to ensure that the written evaluation from the Field Placement experience is collected in a timely manner and submitted to the instructor of EDU 329 by the announced due date or a grade of "Incomplete" will be assigned.

A positive evaluation from both the college supervisor for the Pre-Professional Semester and the Field Placement teacher must be received in order to be recommended for progression to the Professional Semester.

Positive evaluations must be received from both the college supervisor for the Professional Semester and the Field Placement teachers in order to be recommended for New York State initial teaching certification. Workshops in training for identification of child abuse and neglect, and violence prevention and intervention must be completed for the state certification. All teacher candidates must be fingerprinted, as required by the New York State Education Department.

Teacher candidates are required to attend a minimum of two professional workshops per semester. A written critique of the workshops must be submitted as evidence of attendance.

Candidates who begin the Apprentice Semester of the Dual Degree Program (5-year) and do not meet progression criteria may opt to transfer into the Baccalaureate Program (4-year) provided they meet the program criteria. If these program criteria are not met, the candidates will be required to return to the liberal arts and sciences content major field of study in order to complete the Baccalaureate Degree.

Teacher candidates who have not fulfilled the prerequisite and progression requirements of the program will not be admitted to subsequent classes.



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