Marjorie Schiering

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    This question addresses the positive, as opposed to the negative and that is what I truly love about teaching at Molloy College. When we emphasize the good things about our institution it builds a sense of community, belonging and acceptance.

    Additionally, the interest of professors to embrace teaching as an honorable profession and engaging student learners in interactive instruction is appreciated.

  • Academic Interests
    • Developing Cognitive and Meta-cognitive Skills of Students

    • Creating and implementing interactive instructional resources for engagement in learning

    • Teaching character development

  • What I am working on
    • Character Development Training in the Republic of Georgia for a 4-day presentation at Tbilisi University with Audra Cerruto.

    • Presentation at the Intl. Conference on Thinking in Belfast, Ireland

    • European Learning Style Conference in Antwerp, Belgium

    • Service Learning Projects involving construction and implementation of interactive instructional resources for elementary schools around Molloy and how to implement this type of methodology at the adolescent level as well.

    • Building cognitive and meta-cognitive skills through identification of what one is thinking and feeling. 

    • A science fiction book for adolescents

    • Two children's books (Pre-school - grade 2)

  • Educational Philosophy

    My educational philosophy involves, at its core, each teacher being a person who defines and models respect, trustworthiness, being responsible, fair, caring, and good citizenship when teaching student learners in the K-16+ classroom. No Put Downs...Only Lift Ups, in my opinion, should be practiced on an ongoing daily basis. Personally, I often find this a bit difficult, as it requires forethought in what one thinks and feels being applied to what one says and does. Nonetheless, in order to have a sense of community and belonging  in a classroom setting there needs to be awareness that we are part of that environment, as opposed to separate from our students. We are the caretakers of future generations.

  • Educational Background
    • Doctorate from St. John's University  June, 1999: Instructional Leadership

    • Masters Degree from College of New Rochelle June, 1974: Reading

    • Bachelor of Science in Education, Ohio State University in June of 1965: Education

    • Title of Masters Thesis: The Effects of Tactile and Visual Modalities on Primary Students

    • Title of Doctoral Dissertation: The Effects of Learning Style Instructional Resources On Fifth-Grade Suburban Students' Meta-cognition, Achievement, Attitudes, and Ability To Teach Themselves

    • Separate But Equal: Teaching in the South: Desegregating a Segregated School (Spring 2011 at Molloy College)

    • KDP Honor Society: Contribution of Service Learning Eng. 262 Interactive Tri-fold Boards 2007-2010

    • St. Mark's Pre-School: Teacher Candidates visit and contribution of Interactive Tri-fold Boards in Children's Literature AND Workshops on Hoe to Create Interactive Instructional Resources/Education Games for teaching all disciplines  2010-2011

    • Stony Point Elem. School: Story Map Graphic Organizers Poster boards for Grades 2-3: Teacher Candidates from EDU. 504: Interdisciplinary Methods (2010)                                 

    NCATE BOE Visit fall 2010: Display of Teacher Candidates work including Interactive Tri-fold Boards, Decision Making Graphic Organizers, and Interactive Book Reports. Five Teacher Candidates displayed and explained their projects.                 

  • Additional Information
    • Preparing for publication of Teaching and Learning: A Model for Academic and Social Cognition

    • Project SAVE Workshops and Character Development Training

    • Brain World publication of article on neuroplasticity of the brain and emotions of aging persons with respect to brain functions.

  • Publications/Presentations

    A listing of publications for 2007-2008 appear below. Publications from 2004-2006 follow that. For further information, please see: Data Sheets 2007-2008, 2006-2007, 2005-2006. 2004-2005, and 2004-2003.

    Publications 2007-2010:

    Papers Presented/Workshop and Conference - Proceedings-Book, Article, or Journal Publications        

    • Book: Teaching and Learning: A Model for Academic and Social Cognition. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers © 2011. Schiering, Bogner and Buli-Holmberg
    • NYS Council for Exceptional Children Conferences in Saratoga Springs NY. 2010. Character, Communication and the Classroom. Also, Teacher Candidates' presentations on the Balanced Literacy Method for Teaching Reading)
    • International Council for Exceptional Children's Conference in Riga, Latvia: Embracing Inclusive Approaches for Children and Youth with Special Education Needs:  Character Communication and the Classroom. How to Teach Character Development 2010
    • Hofstra University's  "Child's Play Symposium:" CHILDREN'S LITERATURE INFLUENCING MORAL BEHAVIOR, WITH POSITIVE  BELIEF AND VALUE SYSTEMS: March 19, 2010, Long Island, New York: Presented with Dr. Barbara Hayes
    • The Oxford Round Table 2010: Oxford University, Oxford, England. Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology and Art and Humanities: Two Cultures...Real or Perceived: An Interdisciplinary Perspective: Reciprocal Thinking  and Feelings (Schiering, © 1999) and A Model for Academic and Social Cognition (Schiering, © 2003; Schiering, Bogner, Buli-Holmberg, 2008),
    • Barry University National Dominican Colloquium June 17-20, 2010, Miami, Florida Presented with Dr. Audra Cerruto on the topic of:  Character and Cognitive Skill Development for Children, Adolescents, and Adults.
    • CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) Conference in Riga, Latvia. Character, Communication and the Classroom. July 2010 with Audra Cerruto.
    • NYS Council for Exceptional Children Conferences in Niagara Falls NY. (2009)
    • Ordained Interfaith Minister: Life Cycles Ministries Revs. George and Marjorie Schiering Wedding Officiates. (2006-present)
    • Chaplain at Westchester Medical Center 800 hours of volunteer service per year: (2008-2011)
    • Articles in Brain World Magazine: Humanity's New Frontier: 2009-2010

    a. Character Development and the Brain (2009)

    b. A Teacher's Journey: A Personal Account of How Women's Rights and Education   Have Progressed Hand in Hand (2010)

    c. The Brain and Aging (2010)

    • The Oxford Round Table 2009: Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom Children's Literature, Religion and Moral Behavior: The Interactive Book Report by Schiering, M. ©2003

    Other Presentations 2008-2010

    • ELSIN 2008 (European Learning Style International Network) Conference: ''Linking Cognition to Cognitive Dissonance through Scientific Discrepant Events''  July 10- 13,  in Ghent, Belgium 2008. Presented with Allen Rauch: Rauch, Allen G.; Schiering, Marjorie S. (United States)
    • Learning Styles Methods, Resources for Creative and Talent Development
      Medellin, Columbia 2008Using "Style" for Character Development: Social Cognition in Academic and Diverse Socio-cultural Settings
    • The seventh International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications: EISTA 2009, In the context of The Third International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Information IMSCI 2009, Orlando, Florida (with Allen Rauch)
    • 32 ILSN (International Learning Style Network) Conference at Wakefield Schools in upstate, NY. I presented individually on The Interactive Book Report and Tri-fold Board for Interdisciplinary and Interactive Learning and Teaching. (2009)
    • A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy October 16-18 2009 Wisdom House, Litchfeild, Connecticut Presented with George Schiering on the topic of, Character Development and Moral Codes of Conduct
    • ELSIN 2008: Using "Style" for Character Development: Social Cognition in Academic and Diverse Socio-cultural Settings:  Marjorie S. Schiering, Ed. D. Molloy College, Rockville Centre, New York USAJorun Buli-Holmberg, M.S. Ed. University of Oslo, Norway; Drew Bogner, Ph.D., Molloy College, Rockville Centre, New York, USA; George Schiering, M.S. Theology, Manhattan, New York, USA; Timothy Ryley, M.S. Ed. Molloy College, Rockville Centre New York USACourtney Arsell, M.S. Ed. Holy Child Academy, Old Westbury, New York, USA; Allen Rauch, Ph.D. Molloy College, Rockville Centre, New York, USA           

    A. Rauch, A. and Schiering, M. (July, 2008). Linking Learning Styles and 

    Cognition to Cognitive Dissonance through Scientific Discrepant  Event: An Elementary Level Experience. ELSIN 14th International Conference, Ghent- Belgium.

    B. Schiering, M. Bogner, D. and Buli-Holmberg, J. (May, 2008). Influencing Students to Teach Themselves: An Academic and Social Cognition Model To Understand Teaching and Learning. University of Bergen Teachers' College, and University of Oslo - Norway.

    C. An International Exchange Program Proposal. May, 2008.Telemark University College. Telemark - Norway.

    1.  A Model for Evolving from Cognition to Meta-cognition: Design and Implementation of Interactive Instructional Resources. March 10-24, 2007. L/AERING/TILPASSET OPPLE/AEING GHENNOM TRESTADIER: Pedagogisk Senter I: Fagtag @ Bakkerokka Ungdomsskole.

    2.  A Paradigm for Academic and Social Cognition: The Equanimity of S.O.W. and

    R.E. A.P.  March 10-24, 2007.L/AERING/TILPASSET OPPLE/AEING GHENNOM TRESTADIER: Pedagogisk Senter I: Fagtag @ Bakkerokka Ungdomsskole.

    3.  A Model for Evolving from Cognition to Meta-cognition and A Paradigm for Academic and Social Cognition. March 23, University of Oslo, Norway.

    4.  An International Exchange Program Proposal. March 22, 2007.Telemark University College; Telemark, Norway.

    5.  Preventing School Violence Through Character Development: A Preemptive Conflict Resolution Approach. April 10, 2007. AERA. Chicago, Ill.

    6.  Differentiation of Instruction: Changing Pace, Level, and Kinds of Instruction Based on Students' Needs, Interest and Styles. April 24, 2007. Molloy College's Founder's Day.

    7.  What If We Knew the Causes of School Violence and How to Prevent It? August 8, 2007. In R. Dunn and S.A. Griggs. What If...(Eds.). What If...? A Guide to Improving Schools. Lanham, MD: R.L. Education; Book Chapter Signing in NYC.

    8.  Teaching Students to Teach Themselves, August 9th, 2007. 30th ILSN International Conference. NYC.

    9.  Social and Academic Cognition for Brain Education, August 10, 2007. 3rd international IBREA Conference and Brain Olympiad (IBREA: International Brain Education Association), Ellenville, NY.

    10.  Social and Academic Cognition and School Violence, October 5-8, 2007. Delta Kappa Gamma: NYS Convention and Conference. Rochester, NY.

    11.  2008-2001 Division of Continuing Education: PROJECT SAVE (Safe Schools Against Violence in Education): Character Education for Preventing School Violence. (Ten workshops per year);

    12. Faculty Professional Day at Molloy College: Motivation in the K-16+ Classroom;

    13. 2008 Medellin, Columbia: Learning Styles Methods, Resources for Creative and Talent Development;

    14. 2008 Molloy College:  Friends of Education and New Member Induction Ceremony Dinner;

    15. 2008-2004: Konferanse - Etterutdanningskurs-2007 for Teachers in Nesodden, Asker, Skein, and the Univ. of Oslo, The Interactive Book Report, The Interactive Tri-fold Board and Developing Thinking Skills, Character Development and What Are You Thinking? 2004-2006  (This list includes Workshop Power-Point Presentations that were published in conference proceedings books, or distributed to participants as an article, or published in the ELSIN Newsletter, ISLN Report, or as book chapters)