Dispositions for Teaching

According to the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE),
"Dispositions for Teaching" are defined as:

"The values, commitments and professional ethics that influence behaviors
    toward students, families, colleagues and communities and affect student
learning, motivation and attitudes related to values such as caring,
fairness, honesty, responsibility and social justice."

Dispositions for teaching are assessed at the initial interview for acceptance into the Undergraduate Education Program. Candidates are also assessed periodically during each of the three semesters of the program.

Candidates who evidence a lack of proper dispositions for teaching may be counseled out of the teacher education program and advised to investigate other careers. If necessary, candidates will be required to meet with the Division Dean, Program Director and ultimately with the Dispositions Committee. Candidates may not invite additional persons to this meeting. The decision of the Dispositions Committee is final. Candidates, who consistently demonstrate a lack of dispositions needed for teaching, will be required to withdraw from the teacher education program.


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of education students earn their

NYS teaching certification


Our graduation rate is 10%

higher than other L.I. colleges


Score at a mastery level

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Undergraduates graduated with

128 teaching certifications