Admission Policy

  • Teacher candidates must apply to the Division of Education during the fall of their junior year.

  • Teacher candidates must provide evidence of having worked with children or adolescents prior to admission to the Education Program.

  • Admission/transfer requirements are noted in the front section of the College Catalog. Transfer students must be in good academic standing at their previous college in order to be accepted into Molloy University.

  • Complete required psychology prerequisite courses:
              PSY 205 for Childhood Programs
              PSY 206 for Adolescence Programs
              PSY 204 for Visual Arts Education or Music Education

  • Special Education Program teacher candidates must take:
             PSY 335 - Exceptionality: Identification and Management in Education prior to the Apprentice Semester (Phase I)
            AND PSY 331 - Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation in Education while in the Education Program.

  • Teacher candidates are responsible for all transportation to and from their field school placements. All field school placements are scheduled when elementary, middle and secondary schools are in session.

  • In compliance with New York State Education Department criteria, at least one of the field placements will be in a high-needs diverse school district. Teacher candidates agree to accept all placements arranged by the Field Placement Office. It is the recommendation of the Placement Office that they seek different school districts for each placement.

  • Teacher candidates must have an overall 2.75 cumulative index prior to beginning the Apprentice Semester of the Education Program and must maintain a 2.75 cumulative index while in the Education Program.

  • Teacher candidates must have a 2.75 GPA in their academic content major prior to entering the Education Program. They must also maintain a 2.75 cumulative average while in the Education Program.

  • Teacher candidates in the Five Year/Dual Degree Program must have a 3.0 GPA in their academic content prior to entering the Education Program. They must also maintain a 3.0 cumulative average while in the Education Program.

  • Teacher candidates must earn a minimum grade of "B" in English composition, ENG 110. If a teacher candidate does not attain a minimum grade of "B" in ENG 110, then they must take ENG 120, a one-credit course in English composition, where a grade of "B" is required.

  • Teacher candidates failing to achieve a "C +" or better in one or more Education courses will be permitted to repeat only one course per semester.

  • Transfer students must provide evidence of achievement of a grade of "B" or better for the transfer course equivalent to Molloy's ENG 110. A photocopy of the transcript indicating the letter grade must be submitted with the application to the Education Program.

  • All teacher candidates must take the preparation Content Specialty Test (CST) offered through Continuing Education.

  • Teacher candidates in the Five-Year/Dual Degree Program must take EDU 365 prior to spring of their junior year or during the Apprentice Summer.

  • Teacher candidates are required to have a Molloy e-mail account and check it daily for important program announcements.

  • Upon admission to the Apprentice Semester (Phase I), all teacher candidates in the Baccalaureate, (4 year program), must purchase and use an e-portfolio account. Purchase is made here.

  • Any student not registered in the Education Program must obtain permission from the Dean and/or Associate Dean of the Division of Education in order to take any course in the Education Program.

  • Prior to the Apprentice Semester (Phase I), teacher candidates must attend a mandatory orientation session regarding program requirements and submit a writing-on-demand sample.

  • All teacher candidates will be interviewed by a Division of Education faculty member prior to the Apprentice Semester
    (Phase I).

  • Transfer students who wish to enter the Baccalaureate Program (4-year) must apply to Molloy University through the
    Admissions Office and have their transcripts evaluated.

  • All transfer students must complete one full semester at Molloy University in general education and content area courses before being admitted to the Education Program. The GPA must be a 2.75 minimum in their first semester at Molloy University.


Education By The Numbers


of education students earn their

NYS teaching certification


Our graduation rate is 10%

higher than other L.I. colleges


Score at a mastery level

on the NYS exam


Undergraduates graduated with

128 teaching certifications