To prepare teachers who are:

  • Knowledgeable in all content areas of the elementary school curriculum or specialists in specific subject areas of the secondary school curriculum, cognizant of New York State Learning Standards and able to implement them in all subject areas

  • Effective teachers of students with different learning styles, diverse abilities, varied ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and students with learning disabilities and special needs, students for whom English is a new language, within inclusive settings which meet the needs of all students

  • Efficient classroom managers who employ a variety of methods and techniques while successfully engaging students in their own learning

  • Responsive observers of child/adolescent development, psychology and pedagogy in order to employ activities which motivate student learning at various levels of physical, psychological and social maturity

  • Instructional designers who utilize various types of assessment, including performance-based and individually designed evaluation strategies, to improve curriculum and meet the needs of all students

  • Innovative users of technology that enhances and supports curriculum

  • Promoters of parental involvement, collaborators with other teachers, school administrators and cultural institutions, higher education partnerships and other entities who exert significant influence in students' lives

  • Leaders in evaluating and improving curriculum, teaching techniques and school environments

  • Reflective practitioners who study and evaluate educational research in order to implement best practices for student learning

  • Life-long learners who engage in action research which will benefit the teaching/learning experience for all students

    Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog 2015-2017 (PDF) for more details about this degree.