Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most asked questions about the New Media program.

1. What is this major?

The New Media major is a bachelor of science in Communication focusing on production, theory, and emerging media practices. We are distinct from the Communications majors by focusing on mobile and social first video production, writing for digital media distribution, and production in digital spaces. We also focus on VR/AR/MR production and theory as well as video games. By contrast,the Communication degree is aimed at students who wish to pursue careers in television, film, broadcast journalism, media management, traditional media production, public relations, advertising, conflict resolution, and human resources.

2. Wait. What is New Media?

New Media isn't just media that's new, it is a cultural theory of emerging media. Students critique and make digital content as a means of exploring new forms of media. For example, it is not how to use Instagram, but rather why people use Instagram in the first place, how it works, and what its trends are. The program increases cultural knowledge of nearly the entire field of digital media and enhances the technical skills on how to operate the technology from a professional perspective.

3. Sounds cool. But are there internships?

We knew you'd ask that. The answer is not only yes, but we are growing our internship program. We're starting up collaborations with the "Silicon Alleys" of New York City, but also establishing ourselves with non-profits, organizations, and tech start ups on Long Island. The New Media program requires two internships.

4. What are the goals of this program?

First, our goal is to help students achieve their creative goals. We customize the program to each student and guide them to enhance their skills, knowledge and technique through a variety of programs. The program culminates in an e-portfolio that doubles as the student's resume. Our additional goals are to increase student knowledge on code and technology, games, theory, culture, analysis, social good and criticism. Lastly, we want our students to make amazing things!

5. But... are there jobs?

This is always an important question! The answer is yes, but they don't grow on trees. Students should start doing informationals (reverse interviews) their senior year and do more than our required two internships. Building a network is also very important and the New Media program is allied with MEOJobs and FindSpark to help students attend networking events.

6. What's in store for the future?

SO so much! We are moving to a new facility down the street (near the train station) and we are launching our Game Studies program this fall. Also, we'll be the advisement department to the new ECC eSports league starting Fall 2018. We're also planning on interdisciplinary dual majors and new and exciting minors.

7. Can I come over and play VR?

Yes! Let us know if you want to play VR or attend one of our courses. Just email us at NewMedia(at)Molloy(dot)edu to set something up!


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