Degree Details

The New Media Bachelor of Science Degree is a 33 Credit core curriculum with 15 credits of required elective credits. 

Core Curriculum:

  • NMD 2280 - Writing for the Web
  • NMD 2430 - Introduction to New Media
  • NMD 2440 - Online Content Production 
  • NMD 2460 - Civic Engagement
  • NMD 3090 - History of Digital Media
  • NMD 3100 - Video Storytelling / YouTubers class
  • NMD 3810 - Digital Applications
  • NMD 3920 - Advanced Online Content Production
  • NMD 4400 and 4410 - New Media Internships
  • NMD 4440 - Critical Making for New Media 

Students are encouraged to double minor or double major where possible. New Media is a 48 credit Bachelor of Science Communications Degree. 

Required Electives chosen with advisor

15 credits of required electives chosen from Digital Art, Digital Writing, Computer Science, and Ethics.

The ideal New Media major has a clear career goal in mind and a passion for creating digital content as well as civic expression. Under advisement, the student can customize their approach to become a well-informed New Media scholar and professional. 



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