Science Summer Institutes For Teachers

Due to the current meeting restrictions, the following ELA summer Institutes will now be offered fully online. The Institutes can be taken for 3 graduate credits at $900 a course. 

Online Course Information
Molloy College uses a Learning Management System or online platform called Canvas. Any course that you take at Molloy that is a fully online course (as these courses are) will be taught using Canvas. The course is not taught in "real time", meaning that teachers do not have to log in and attend at a given time. You can log on at any time to take the course. Once you have registered for the course, an account will be set-up in Canvas for you to use, usually within one working day of your registration. You can log in at: using the same Username (Molloy email address) and Password that you were given for registration. Once you log in to your Canvas account you can look up any required text(s) for the course, as well as any assignments that the instructor may have posted. It is also strongly suggested that you click on the following YouTube video: How To Access Canvas and take the Canvas Student Tour to become more familiar with using Canvas. There is also a Canvas quickstart page at:

Please click here for application and registration procedures.

(Please note that the institutes are no longer being offered at the locations in the descriptions. They will be offered online instead).

Click on the title below for an Institute description and a faculty bio:

June 29 - July 2
EDU 5900.18 - Teaching Sustainability in the Middle School Classroom
EDU 5900.19 - Teaching Sustainability in the High School Classroom

July 6 - July 9
EDU 5900.34 - The Human Impact of Environment on Long Island

July 13 - July 16
EDU 5900.30 - Marine Ecology for Grades K -12

July 27 - 30
EDU 5900.54 - Evolution of Earth and Life