Molloy Opportunity for Successful Transition (MOST) Program

Molloy Opportunity for Successful Transition
 in collaboration with
The Mary Quinn's Mark Foundation

The Molloy Opportunity for Successful Transition (MOST) program is designed to afford a college experience to developmentally disabled  adults from the ages of 22-27 years old by attending classes to increase their social and academic skills. Classes will be given at the Molloy College Rockville Centre Campus.  The program course areas include health, wellness, budgeting, literacy, citizenship and employment. MOST allows students to connect and interact with peers on campus.  The program is designed for three years, building upon skills gained in previous semesters.  The program is designed so that the students gain academic and social skills that will allow the student to transition into employment.  

- Students must have eligibility for OPWDD services. 
- The students must have a self-direction plan through OPWDD.
- Students must complete the M.O.S.T Application and provide  all of the necessary documentation.

- All classes will be 1.5 hours, twice a week.
- Classes will be located on Molloy's RVC Campus
- Classes are run based on Molloy undergraduate calendar, Fall start date September 10, 2019

Typical Day at MOST:
Students will be on campus 2 times weekly
9:30 am- Arrive on Campus
10:00am-11:30 am- Class I
11:30am -12:30pm- Break for lunch
12:30pm -2:00pm- Class II

Year 1

Year 2 Year 3
 MOST1  Finance and Budgeting 1   
 MOST2  Literacy 1: Civic Literacy  
 MOST6 Finance and Budgeting 2  
 MOST7 Literacy 3  
 MOST11 Careers and Employment  
 MOST12 Literacy for Employment  
 MOST3  Health Wellness  
 MOST8 Health Wellness 2  
 MOST13 Internship Exploration  
 MOST4  Citizenship 1
 MOST5  Literacy 2
 MOST9 Citizenship 2
 MOST10 Literacy 4  
 MOST14 Self Advocacy
 MOST15 Exploring the Hidden  


Yearly Costs:                                                                                           
Fall Semester total cost: $3,200
Winter Semester total cost: $800
Spring Semester total cost: $3,200

Application and Admission:
All applicants to the MOST Program must be between 22 - 27 years of age. Applicants must be able to safely navigate the campus, to demonstrate safety skills in unsupervised settings, to independently care for personal hygiene needs, to transition between academic and non-academic settings, and to demonstrate the desire to attend a college-based transition program. All applicants must be self-directed and must be accompanied to class with an individual peer mentor (e.g.- direct support staff).

Admission is once per year in the fall.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, applications will be accepted beginning May 1, 2019 and applications will begin to be reviewed by May 15, 2019. Applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled on a rolling basis. All applications and related material must be received no later than June 1, 2019.

Click here for a complete list of admission requirements and an application for admission. If the application does not open please try using a different internet browser or call 516-323-3550 or email and an application will be mailed/emailed/faxed to you.

Please note: the cohort for the 2019-20 school year is closed-out. The next chort will be for the 2020-21 school year starting in September, 2020. Applications for the 2020-21 school year will be available in the spring of 2020.

Mailing List:
If you would like to be placed on the mailing list to receive information on the 2020-21 program, please cal 516-323-3550 or email:

If you should have any questions or need any additional information, please contact the MOST Program Coordinators at: