Nursing Skills Workshops

Thinking of changing an area of specialty but feel a little rusty in past learned nursing skills? The purpose of these courses is to provide the registered nurse with hands-on-techniques combined with current nursing theory knowledge necessary in providing comprehensive patient care in the following areas:

- Wound Care
- Enteral feedings and Colostomy Care
- Respiratory Care
- Injections and IV Care
- GU skills and Catheterizations

Wound care objectives will focus on listing the classifications of wounds and the complications of wound healing. Enteral feedings and colostomy care objectives will discuss the anatomy and physiology of the GI track and describe 3 types of ostomies. Respiratory care objectives will describe mechanical ventilation with nursing management and explain acid-base regulation and arterial blood gases. Injections and IV care objectives will explain parenteral nutrition and discuss injection type syringes with proper placement/landmarks. GU skills and catheterizationsobjectives will list 3 terms used to describe altered urine production and discuss various diagnostic tests used to evaluate kidney function.

Take one workshop for $110 each or save by taking the entire series for $450 (save $100). The target audience is the registered nurse. 3.5 contact hours per session.

The series is typically offered on Saturdays for one Saturday for each topic from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. at our Rockville Centre campus in September-January or January - May. Click here for the schedule of classes. (Please note: only the upcoming schedule of course will be posted. Courses that have already taken place or are in progress will not appear) Registration information can be found by clicking on the course title in the schedule of classes link.

The most up-to-date scheduling information can be found on the program webpage. We also email monthly reminders of the upcoming schedule if you provide us with an email address. Class schedules are printed in the CE catalog, which is mailed every January and July to students who have made an inquiry or registered for a class within the last six months.

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