Courses for Certification

The following Molloy graduate courses will be offered to meet some of the requirements of the Individual Pathway certification:

EDU 5140, Teaching English as a New Language  (fulfills 3 credits of the 6 credits required in: "Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages")
EDU 5252, Intro to Linguistics (fulfills 3 credit requirement in "Linguistics") 
EDU 5254, Structure and Application of American English (fulfills 3 credit requirement in "English Grammar") 
EDU 5062, Language and Literacy: Principles and Practices for Childhood Classrooms (Grades 1-6) (This new course replaces, EDU 5255; Interdisciplinary Teaching Methods and English Language Arts for PK-12 English Language Learners) (fulfills 3 credit requirement in "Teaching Literacy Skills Methods, only offered in the summer since most teachers have this in their background)
EDU 5256, PK-12 TESOL and Bilingual Teaching Practices and Assessment in the Content Areas (fulfills 3 credits of the 6 credits required in: "Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages")

Please note that all of the courses are part of our graduate education master's degree program and the only difference in the coursework is that there are no requirements for field study or student teaching. NYS does not require teachers who are NYS certified to complete student teaching again when they are applying for additional certification.  The program is only open to teachers who are already NYS certified and have a master's degree.

Course Sequence for the Individual Certification Pathway in TESOL

  • You must take EDU 5140 ("Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages") first. 
  • EDU 5252 (Linguistics) or EDU 5254 (English Grammar) can be taken be taken after EDU 5140.
  • You can take EDU 5252 or EDU 5254 interchangeably.
  • You must take EDU 5256 (2nd "Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages") last after the other 3 courses have been completed.
  • EDU 5062 (Literacy Skills), if you need it, and the Language other than English required courses can be taken at any time.  

Molloy Courses to Meet the Languages Other Than English Requirement

New York State also requires in the Content Core area that teachers have 12 credits in languages other than English (Foreign Language). Molloy offers undergraduate courses to meet the languages other than English requirement at the same discounted $945 per course rate. 

The courses do not have to be in one language and coursework in American Sign Language will also satisfy the requirement.

Please note that not every course will be offered every semester. 

For additional information, e-mail either: