History/Need for the Program

Over the past 10 years, New York State English Language Learner (ELL) student enrollment has increased by 20 percent and currently over 230,000 ELLs make up 8.9 percent of the total public student population. Most recently, the New York state laws that govern the education of ELLs, known as the CR-Part 154 regulations, have been revised. Click here to see an overview of the amended regulations from EngageNY.org of the New York State Education Department, which in turn has increased the need for teachers who are dually certified in both specific content areas and ESL.

For example, the regulations now state that "dually certified teachers" may provide ELL students with both content area and ENL (English as a New Language) credits during one class period. The regulations also state that ELL students should be receiving "Integrated ENL instruction" anywhere from 1/2 - 2 units each week. This means that students will be expected to receive instruction from either a content area and ESL teacher co-teaching, OR by a dually certified teacher alone. The regulations also state that students who test proficient on the NYSESLAT should continue to receive support for up to two years by appropriately certified staff. 

The need for teachers who are experts in their content areas and also have the skills needed to provide language support to ELL's is increasing, along with the ELL population here in New York. Finally, ESL instructional strategies are applicable to all learners to make content more comprehensible and to provide language support for students.

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