Post-Master's Advanced Certificate Program - School Building Leader (SBL)

The Post-Master's Advanced Certificate Program for School Building Leader (SBL) certification is a 24 credit program that develops leadership in the areas of curriculum, assessment, administration, and supervision. The program focuses on providing a strong foundation in order to apply knowledge, concepts, and theory into practice.  Through diverse and comprehensive experiences candidates will be exposed to strategies, theories, and fieldwork necessary to create and develop skills to address the challenges of our diverse learning communities and includes experiences in districts serving students at different developmental levels and with a variety of characteristics and socioeconomic backgrounds. Up to 11 credits may be transferred from other programs.

For information on the  Post-Master's Advanced Certificate Program for School District Leader (SDL) certification  please click here.

Required Courses include:

EDU 5680: Leadership Perspectives: Theory and Practice (3)

EDU 5682: Educational Leadership for the Improvement of Instruction (3)

EDU 5684: Ethical, Moral and Legal Aspects of School Leadership (3)

EDU 5686: Curriculum and Instruction: Design for Learning (3)

EDU 5688: School Based Administration and Management (3)

EDU 5690: Data and Program Analysis to Improve Teaching and Learning (3)

EDU 5692:  School Finance (3)

EDU 5694: Internship for School Building Leaders (3)

Total Credits Required: 24

Course Sequence and Online Format

The first course required for the certificate program is EDU 5680: Leadership Theory and Practice. After this course is successfully completed, students may take all other coursework in any order.  Courses are all online asynchronous with four zoom synchronous sessions per course on Wednesday afternoons/evenings.  The online portion of our courses are not taught in "real time," meaning students do not have to log in during the time of the classroom course. However, there will be assignments due at specific times.

Application fees will be waived for this program. 

Admissions Application Process

In order to be considered for this certificate, all candidates must submit:

  • An online application
  • Two letters of reference, one MUST be from a school building leader or direct supervisor who holds a SBL in your building.  
  • An official transcript from graduate school attended.
  • A copy of NYS teaching or pupil personnel services certification.
  • Minimum of 3 years full-time teaching or pupil personnel services experience in N-12 setting.
  • An interview with the School of Education will be conducted through Zoom.
  • Goals Statement.

Please visit the online application for further information on the these submissions. Please contact the Office of Admissions with further questions at 516-323-4000 or email them directly at 

Registration and Tuition
Once accepted into the program, the students will be contacted regarding registration for courses. Each course in the program is offered at $1200 per 3-credit graduate course.

Virtual Information Session
October 19th at 4 pm
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School Building Leader Courses and Molloy University's Ed.D

Candidates interested in applying these credits towards a Molloy Ed.D. for Diverse Learning Communities must apply to the doctoral program and be accepted.  If accepted into the program, the following courses may be transferred into the Molloy doctoral program (but the difference between $900 paid for these courses and the regular tuition for the courses will be retroactively applied). 

SBL Courses                       Doctoral Courses

   5680                                               6160

   5682                                               6120

   5684                                               6060

   5686                                               6220

   5690                                               6300

Students in the doctoral program who have completed the above doctoral courses may take these additional three courses to qualify for the SBL advanced certificate: 

EDU 5688: School Based Administration and Management (3)

EDU 5692 School Finance (3)

EDU 5694 Internship for School Building Leaders (3)

Further Information
If you have any questions or would like to see about offering the programs within your district, please contact Dr. Denise T. Smith, SBL/SDL Program Coordinator, School of Education and Human Services, Molloy University at: (516) 323-3114 or by email at: