Individual Pathway Bilingual Education Extension Certificate

The coursework for the Bilingual Extension Certificate will offer all participants a course of study that effectively prepares them to meet the New York State teacher certification requirements and the New York City licensing requirements. The program prepares teachers to serve the special needs of bilingual learners in multicultural and multilingual schools by assisting them in developing language and disciplinary literacy skills in two languages that enable them to become college- and career-ready. To achieve this purpose, Molloy College offers intensive course work in language acquisition, bilingual education theory and methodologies, language arts and content area instruction and assessment for bilingual learners, grammatical and linguistic issues, cultural diversity, research methodologies, and practical teaching experiences in inclusive classrooms (including high needs schools in low socio-economic environments). Prerequisite for this program Candidates must have a valid base teaching certificate, e.g. Initial Childhood or Adolescent Education certification in a content area (other than TESOL or a modern language), a Master's degree and a passing grade on BEA (Bilingual Education Assessment).

This is what is known as an individual pathway to certification from NY State. NY State allows teachers to receive this certification through this pathway by just taking the requirements that they need. NY State will accept previous courses that you may have taken (both on the graduate and undergraduate level) towards the certification. We recommend that to have a definitive answer as to how many courses you may need you must actually apply for certification by going to the following webpage: NYS Office of Teaching Initiatives  and access the TEACH Online System. Do this as soon as possible - even before you enroll in any courses! Please click here for detailed directions on applying for certification through the NYS TEACH online system.

  Individual Pathway to Bilingual Extension Certificate Courses (18 credits):

  • EDU 5130 Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diverse Students in Inclusive Classrooms in Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6 and Adolescence 7-12  
  • EDU 5250 Teaching Literacy in the Native Language: Strengthening the Connection Between Languages  
  • EDU 5252 Introduction to Linguistics for TESOL And Bilingual Education Professionals   
  • EDU 5253 Second Language Acquisition, TESOL, And Bilingual Education: Theory and Practice           
  • EDU 5255 Interdisciplinary Teaching Methods and English Language Arts For PK-12 Bilingual English Language Learners  
  • EDU 5256 PK-12 TESOL and Bilingual Teaching Practices and Assessment In The Content Areas 

Please note: All of the courses are part of our graduate education master's degree program and the only difference in the coursework is that there are no requirements for field study or student teaching. NYS does not require teachers who are NYS certified to complete student teaching again when they are applying for additional certification.  The program is only open to teachers who are already NYS certified and have a master's degree. 

Course Sequence

Course 1: EDU 5130 (Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diverse Students in Inclusive Classrooms in Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6 and Adolescence 7-12). 
Courses 2 and 3: EDU 5252 (Linguistics) and EDU 5253 (Language Acquisition). The order you take these courses does not matter as long as you complete the pre-requisite EDU 5130.
Course 4: EDU 5250 (Teaching in the Native Language). Pre-requisites EDU 5130, EDU 5252, and EDU 5253.
Courses 5 and 6: EDU 5255 (Methods of Teaching ELA to Bilingual and Speakers of Other Languages) and EDU 5256 (Methods of Teaching English to Bilingual and Speakers of Other Languages). The order you take these courses does not matter as long as you complete the pre-requisite EDU 5130, EDU 5252, EDU 5253, and EDU 5250.

Course Scheduling

Asynchronous Online Format
The online course run for about 5-6 weeks and are not taught in "real time", meaning students do not have to attend at a given time. You can log on at any time to take the course. However, there will be assignments that will be due at specific times.  Summer courses are only given in the fully online format. Fall and spring classes are given in both formats.

Fall Schedule of Class

To register, please visit Lions Den, Molloy's Registration system, at:
Please note:  When completing the online application/registration form please select "2022 Fall Institute
" under the course search term.

9/12 -10/31/2022
EDU 5256, Kalamaras

9/17 - 11/4/2022
EDU 5130 06, Honigsfeld
Online synchronous meetings on 9/17 & 10/22, 8:30 am - 1:30 pm

10/26 -12/20/22
EDU 5252 04, Honigsfeld
EDU 5256, Hurst

11/5 - 12/20/2022
EDU 5252 07, Cordeiro
Online synchronous meetings dates 11/12, 12/3, & 12/17, 8:30 am - 1:30 pm


The courses will be offered at the discounted rate of $945 per course. The discounted program is limited to those teachers who have a master's degree, are not using the credits towards a Molloy degree and hold a valid New York State Teaching Certificate. 

Application and Registration
The program does not have traditional application deadline dates because courses are offered throughout the year and they do not follow a semester schedule. There are no defined overall start and end dates for the program. Therefore, you can start the program at any time. The registration process is rather simple because you are not applying for a Molloy degree. There is an online application that you need to complete, but that is for information purposes only. Everyone is accepted as long as you are a NY certified teacher. There is no application fee and GREs are not required. If you are enrolling in the program for the first time, it will take a few days to process your application/registration form online.  Once you register for the first time you will be sent an email within one to two business days with your username to login your student account to access the system for future registrations and to access Canvas, our online learning platform.   You should register at least a week before the course start date at the latest.  Please note: our courses do close, so please register early.   Click here for Application and Registration Instructions.

Virtual Information Session
October 2nd at 4 pm
Email Alina Haitz at to receive the Zoom link

Virtual Office Hours

Thursdays, 4 pm - 5 pm.
Email Alina R. Haitz at to RSVP and receive the Zoom meeting information.
If Thursdays do not work for your schedule, please contact Alina R. Haitz to set up a call for an alterative time/day.


If you should have any questions, please contact Alina R. Haitz, Associate Director at: 516-323-3572 and leave a message or by email: prior to completing registration online.