Human Resource Management

Please note that courses are still being offered online in real time using Zoom on the same days and times listed in the schedule of classes.  Instructions for taking the course online will be sent to you by the instructor before the course begins.

Click here for the schedule of classes. (please note: only the upcoming schedule of course will be posted. Courses that have already taken place or are in progress will not appear) Classes that are scheduled at the Rockville Centre campus are generally held on Tuesdays and Mondays and classes that are scheduled at the Suffolk Center are generally held on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Human resource management certificate programs are for anyone who wants to work in human resources for either profit or non-profit organizations. The courses offered will cover all the major areas of human resources. Participants will benefit from the experience and insights of course instructors who are leading human resource professionals. Case studies, group projects and discussion of practical, real work situations make the program relevant to today's workplace issues and environment.

Participants will network with a distinguished peer group of other human resource professionals, making contacts they will value throughout their careers.

Program Benefits:

- Learn to build credibility, rapport and support for the human resource function within your organization
- Use human resource's best practices to overcome challenges and achieve satisfying business results
- Learn to support managers when considering the "people-side" of the profession
- Learn how to properly document employee performance
- Learn the true purpose and value of appraisal
- Learn effective compensation and benefits strategies
- Learn the leadership and business skills needed to be an effective human resource professional
- Understand labor and employment law

Course and Certificate Requirements
There are no prerequisites to enter the program or to take any of the courses. There is no application or application fee. 

Students can take as many or as few courses as they would like to take at one time. There is no time limit to complete the program.

The courses may be taken individually, or in pursuit of a Certificate in Human Resource Management, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management. There are no prerequisites to any of the courses and courses may be taken in any order, however it is suggested that students take the course, Human Resource Management: An Overview, first.

Most classes have assignments that will be required. However, there are no exams. Courses are given on a pass/fail basis.

A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of each individual course. Two larger program certificates, suitable for framing, are awarded at the completion of each entire program. Course certificates are usually mailed out automatically 1-2 weeks after course grades have been submitted. However, students should contact the Office of Continuing Education at 516.323.3550 or by email at: at the completion of the Certificate in Human Resource Management or at the completion of the Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management to have a program certificate issued.

Certificate in Human Resource Management
Participants must successfully complete six courses - five required courses and one elective course.  The certificate programs are universal and applicable to all profit and not-for-profit enterprises. The Certificate in Human Resource Management is designed to give you the basic skills that you would need to get an entry-level position in Human Resources.

Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management
Whereas, the Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management will provide you with additional skills and background that would be necessary for you to sit for various professional certifications. We have looked over the entry level designations and the topics covered in the courses in our Advanced Certificate program incorporate most of the topics that you will see on the exams. Further information on the certifications are as follows:

Human Resources Certification Institute®(HRCI®) - Molloy Students are now eligible to take the certification exams
Molloy College is pleased to announce that it has aligned its curriculum to the body of knowledge created by HR Certification Institute. As a certifying body for over four decades, HR Certification Institute draws on its collective expertise to codify different guidelines for HR practitioners and their organizations Molloy College's academic program alignment to the competencies and functional areas of the Associate Professional in Human Resources® (aPHR®) certification demonstrate a commitment to teaching what is important in the human resources field today. In addition, the alignment of the curriculum Molloy College's academic program can help students understand how jobs in the field work in the real world and prepare them for the aPHR exam. The Associate Professional in Human ResourcesTM (aPHRTM) certification exam or the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) certification exam given by the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®).  aPHRTM or PHR® certification is not required to work in human resources, but it does demonstrate a mastery of the technical and operational aspects of HR practices and U.S. laws and regulations. The aPHRTM designation is a relatively new designation and it is designed for professionals who are just beginning their HR career journey and proves your knowledge of foundational Human Resources. 

To sit for the aPHR exam you must have completed all the courses required for the Advanced Certificate in Human Resources, as well as having a high school diploma or the global equivalent. Click here for a list of the courses needed and how they align to the certification exam.  If you have taken some of the courses required for the Advanced Certificate in Human Resources you would need complete any of the courses that you were missing.   To apply for the exam please visit: Please make sure that you indicate that you completed your studies at Molloy College.

The PHR® certification requires that you have between 1-4 years of work experience (4 years if you have not yet earned a college degree) in human resources before you can sit for this exam. We suggest that students get the study guide: "PHR Exam Prep: Professional in Human Resources" (2nd Edition). It's about $35. Further information on the aPHRTM and PHR® certifications and other certifications offered by the HR Certification Institute® can be found at:

If you are already certified through the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and are seeking recertification, HRCI accepts continuing education units (CEUs) awarded through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). IACET guidelines state that an agency can award one CEU (comparable to one semester credit hour) for every 10 hours of classroom time.Molloy College follows the IACET guidelines and since our courses in Human Resources are each 9 hours, .9 CEUs are awarded for each course. NOTE: To receive recertification credits for college/university coursework, you must pass the course with a grade of "C" or better. Since a Pass/Fail grade is normally given to the students in the program you can ask the instructor to give you a grade for recertification purposes.

Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM)
SHRM has established two competency-based certifications, the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) for early- and mid-career professionals and the SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) for senior-level practitioners. SHRM regards the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP as the new global standard in certification for the HR profession. HR professionals who implement policies and strategies, serve as point of contact for staff and stakeholders, deliver HR services, and perform operational HR functions, should take the SHRM-CP exam. Further information on the SHRM certifications can be found at:

Please visit: for a list of resources for people in the field of human resources that will help new and veteran human resource professionals alike when it comes to certification, associations, the latest research, best practices, software and more.

Course Schedule and Location
Click here
for the schedule of classes. (please note: only the upcoming schedule of course will be posted. Courses that have already taken place or are in progress will not appear)

In-person classes are currently suspened. Courses are offered at both our Rockville Centre campus and our Suffolk Center campus in East Farmingdale. You can start the program at any time and take as many or as few of the courses that you like.

Each course is offered once a week in the evening for three sessions from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Classes that are scheduled at the Rockville Centre campus are generally held on Tuesdays and Mondays and classes that are scheduled at the Suffolk Center are generally held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Classes are offered in the fall (from late September to early January) and in the spring (from late January to June). Classes are sometimes offered in the summer and the schedule is based upon student demand. Each course is offered at least twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. The 5 Required courses are offered one right after the other on the same night of the week. The Elective courses are also offered one right after the other on a different night of the week from the Required course. Therefore, it would be possible to complete either the Certificate or the Advanced Certificate in about 15 weeks. You can start the program at any time and take as many or as few of the courses that you like.

The schedule of classes comes out in our catalog which is mailed twice a year to students who have made an inquiry or registered within the last 6 months. However, the most up-to-date scheduling information can be found on this webpage. We will also email you monthly reminders of the upcoming schedule if you have provided us with an email address. To be added to our mailing list or if you would like to request a catalog, please click here.

Tuition for each course in the program $215, there are no registration fees. Tuition is due at the time of registration. However, if your company is paying for the course we will invoice your company. Please provide us with your company's purchase order, educational voucher or documentation on company letterhead stating that they are responsible for payment along with the registration form and we will process an invoice directly to your company. Invoicing is available only if you register by mail or fax.

Financial Assistance
This program is approved for Veterans Benefits, as well as for Displaced Homemakers and/or Dislocated Workers. See our Tuition, Financial Aid & Refund Information page for details. Since most continuing education courses do not lead to a college degree, they are not eligible for the traditional forms of financial aid, such as TAP and/or Pell. Some private lenders will help you finance continuing education and certificate programs.

Click here for the current schedule of classes (please note: only the upcoming schedule of course will be posted. Courses that have already taken place or are in progress will not appear). The course location is listed in the section information for each course.

Required Courses (all 5 must be taken)
- Human Resource Management: An Overview
- Compensation and Benefits
- Human Resources and The Law
- The Employee Handbook
- Interviewing Techniques

Elective Courses (select 1 for the basic certificate; all 5 for the advanced certificate)
- Employee and Labor Relations
- Employee Selection and Staffing
- Performance Appraisals
- Training and Development
- Safety, Security And Health In The Workplace

Click here for the schedule of classes (please note: only the upcoming schedule of course will be posted. Courses that have already taken place or are in progress will not appear)


Required Text: The Manager's Guide to HR, 2nd edition from the American management Association. The book is available from Amazon at: It sells for about $17 hardcover  and about $6 in the Kindle format. However, please do not purchase the text until you are instructed to do so from the Office of Continuing Education. 

Free Career Seminar

Not sure if this career is right for you? Then attend our free career seminar. The career seminar is led by experienced professionals who will offer real advice about career and academic paths and talk about both the satisfactions and challenges of this career. The seminar will be offered at our Rockville Centre campus three times a year, in September, May and in January. The seminar is 1.5 hours in length and is offered at no charge. However, you should register at least one week in advance to assure yourself of a seat. For further information and to register, click here.


Students should register for classes at least one week prior to the start of classes to insure enough time for you to get your confirmation and parking permit. However, you can register up until the day of class. Please note that some of our classes do close out and some of our classes do cancel, so you may be taking a chance of not getting into the course of your choice by waiting.

Online registration is available by clicking here

Phone in registration is available by calling 516-323-3550 with your MasterCard, Discover or Visa. 

To register in person, by fax or mail, please follow the directions on our web page,


If you take a course, have attended each class, and still do not master the course work, we invite you to re-register for the same course, same level, free of charge. Your registration will be accepted on a space available basis within one year of the course end date. Re-registration in the course is required.

In addition, during the first hour of class the instructor will present an outline of the course, along with the course goals and objectives. If the student does not feel that this course will meet their expectations, then a full refund will be granted if the student presents their refund request on the first business day after the class has met. 

If you have any questions, please call our office at 516-323-3550 for clarification.

Mailing List/Catalog
The most up-to-date scheduling information can be found on the program webpage. We also email monthly reminders of the upcoming schedule if you provide us with an email address. Class schedules are printed in the CE catalog, which is mailed every January and July to students who have made an inquiry or registered for a class within the last six months.


If you have any questions, contact Louis Cino at or call 516.323.3550.


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