Institute Descriptions and Faculty Bios

The 2017 Summer Institutes (Non-AP) for Teachers are offered in content areas (ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies), in TESOL, in Special Education, in general interest, institutes for elementary school teachers, as well as Advanced Placement institutes in various areas, all of which are listed below. Click on the links below for the Summer 2017 schedule of Summer Institutes.  

All registration for graduate credit will be done online. Details can be found on the Application and Registration Instructions link.

Registration procedures for those teachers wishing to take the institutes on non-credit, in-service basis will remain the same: you may register online, by mail, by fax, by phone, by email and in-pserson by downloading a Non-Credit/In-Service Registration Form.

- Schedule at a Glance by week
- Schedule at a Glance by Subject Area
- Download a 2017 Summer Institutes brochure
- Application and Registration Instructions
- General Information, Accomodations and Atrractions
- Institute Descriptions and Faculty Bios

- English Language Arts (9 Institutes Offered)
- Math (9 Institutes Offered)
- Science (12 Institutes Offered)
- General Interest (20 Institutes Offered)
- TESOL (6 Institutes Offered)
- Special Education (1 Institute Offered)
- Social Studies (2 Institutes Offered)
- Elementary [Grades K-6] (13 Institutes Offered)
Advanced Placement [various areas] (19 Institutes Offered)

While the Summer Institutes can be taken for in-service credit, they have been designed as 3-credit graduate courses and are approved as such by the New York State Department of Education. The institutes meet for 45 contact hours, of which 30 hours consist of classroom instruction and 15 hours consist of outside work, including a course project which is due within two weeks of the institute end date. This is the same breakdown of hours for all of our graduate courses that are offered during the fall and spring semesters on a 14-week schedule, the only difference is that the summer institutes are offered on a more intense schedule.

The institutes are all listed with the course code, EDU 524, which is part of our graduate course offerings in the Division of Education and can be used as an elective towards our Master of Science degree in Education. 

The general course description can be found on our website at: Since this is a special topics course, the specific course descriptions differ depending upon the topic. The description of the EDU 524 courses offered as part of our Summer Institutes can be found in the attached brochure.