School Nurse Daily Learning Objectives

NUP-0140: School Nurse: A Daily Approach
At the end of this program, the participant will be able to:
1. Identify the purpose for the vision, hearing and scoliosis screening for the school-aged child.
2. Identify steps in nursing assessment process related to health screening for vision/hearing/scoliosis.
3. List NYS guidelines for vision, hearing & scoliosis screenings
4.Define relevant medical terminology related to screening processes.
5. Identify recommended procedures for screening vision, hearing & scoliosis in the school-aged child
6. Discuss documentation of screening procedures and follow up for abnormal results of vision, hearing, and scoliosis screening
7. Describe the anatomy & physiology of the respiratory tract.
8. List two characteristics of the pediatric airway vs. the adult airway
9. Discuss the statistics on Asthma
10. Describe 2 aspects of peak flow monitoring.
11. Explain 2 characteristics of the Asthma severity scale
12. List the 4 classifications OF asthma.
13. Describe 2 asthma treatment regimens
14. Describe 3 important questions to ask when taking a history for rashes.
15. Differentiate between a primary lesion vs. a secondary lesion.
16. State 3 types of primary lesions
17. Describe 5 lesions and their characteristics.
18. Identify 4 viral/bacterial examthems.

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