Phlebotomy Skills Learning Objectives

NUS-0125: Phlebotomy Skills
At the end of this program, the participant will be able to:
1. List the duties of a phlebotomist.
2. Define legal issues related to phlebotomy.
3. Describe the universal precautions as outlined by the CDC.
4. Describe the venous anatomy and veins and skin surfaces on which phlebotomy can be performed.
5. Differentiate between serum and plasma.
6. Identify factors to be considered in venipuncture or skin puncture site selection.
7. List the equipment and supplies needed to collect blood by venipuncture and skin puncture.
8. Describe 6 patient factors which influence the ability to perform venipuncture successfully.
9. Discuss 6 complications associated with blood collection.
10. Describe the steps in accurate specimen collection and documentation procedures.
11. Demonstrate a successful venipuncture on manikin arm.

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