Physical Assessment

NUP-0118: Physical Assessment of the Pediatric Client
At the end of this program, the participant will be able to:
1. State the characteristics of each developmental level of the pediatric patient.
2. Identify the developmental concepts from 3 developmental theorists.
3. Explain the Denver Development Screening test.
4. State the general guidelines for adequate nutrition of pediatric patients.
5. State 2 eating disorders that affect the pediatric patient.
6. Identify the schedule of immunization for the pediatric patient from birth to age 18.
7. State the type of questions used to elicit an appropriate history.
8. Describe the 4 techniques used to obtain information during a physical exam.
9. Describe the integument of the skin.
10. Identify 5 common skin lesions of the pediatric patient.
11. Name 3 common childhood illnesses that involve a rash.
12. Describe the structures of the head and neck on inspection.
13. Explain the anatomy of eyes and ears.
14. Explain how to use the ophthaloscope and otoscope.
15. Describe the anatomy of the nose, throat and mouth.
16. Describe the anatomy of the chest and lungs.
17. Describe the examination of the respiratory system.
18. List 3 abnormal breath sounds.
19. Explain the anatomy of the heart.
20. Describe the physical examination of the cardiovascular system.
21. List 3 cardiac abnormalities.
22. Explain the anatomy of the neurological system
23. Describe the examination of the neurological system.
24. Describe 2 types of seizures.
25. Explain the structures of the muscular skeleton system.
26. Describe the examination process of the muscular skeletal system.
27. Name 3 abnormalities of the muscular skeleton system.
28. Discuss anatomy of the abdomen.
29. Describe the examination of the abdominal area.
30. List 4 abnormalities of the abdomen.

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