Registration Procedure

The program does not have traditional deadline dates because courses are offered throughout the year and they do not follow a semester schedule. There are no defined overall start and end dates for the program. The registration process is rather simple because you are not applying for a Molloy degree. There is an online application that you need to complete, but that is for information purposes only. Everyone is accepted as long as you are a NY certified teacher. There is no application fee and GREs are not required. If you are enrolling in the program for the first time, it will take a few days to process your application online.  You will be emailed a user name and password and then you just go into our online registration system and register for the particular course(s) that you wish to take at that time.

You should register at least a week before the course start date at the latest in order to register for the first time. After that you can register up until the day before the class, but then you run the risk that a course could be full- our courses do close.

Molloy's online registration system is called Lion's Den. The Lion's Den web page can be found at: There is a different process for those students who are currently enrolled in the program as opposed to those who are registering for the first time.

Current TESOL or Professional Development Students:
If you already have a Lion's Den account for TESOL, Summer Institute or Ed Tech Teacher Professional Development courses you can log in and register for courses that have seat availability. You can register by visiting 
(Please note: Molloy alumni will still have to apply as a New TESOL student even if you still have a Molloy account).

Please click the tab near the middle, top of the page, "Course Search". There are a number of ways to search for the course, but usually the fastest is to follow these steps:
1. Under "Term" there will be drop down. Look for the term that the course is offered, such as "2018 Spring", and "institutes Professional Dev". Please note: these are special sections of our TESOL courses, offered at special tuition rates and at different times than our regularly scheduled courses, so they won't show up unless, "Professional Dev" is part of the term on the drop down.
2. You can further refine the search by  going under, "Course Number Range" and in the two drop downs select the course number, such as"514".
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click, "Search". All the course sections for that course offered in that term will appear.
4. Once you have found the section of the course you wish to take, just check the "Status" of the course to see that it is "open", if so, just click the box next to the course code to register and pay for the course. If the status is "closed" you will need to select another section.
5. You can use MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or ACH check to pay for the course. Please note: if you only "reserve" the course without paying for the course immediately, you will automatically be dropped from the course. Once the status changes from "reserved" to "current" you will know that you have successfully registered for the course.

New TESOL or Teacher Professional Development Students:
How to set up your Lion's Den account 
Teachers who are registering for the first time for the TESOL program or any Teacher Professional Development Program should click here to access the Lion's Den Portal and follow the steps below. After you create your account you can register for courses, access your unofficial transcripts and access Canvas, which is the online educational forum for hybrid and online courses.

Follow these steps to create your account
1. Once you enter the Lion's Den Portal, click on the, "Professional Development", tab
2.  After reading the instructions, click on "Professional Development Application Form" at the bottom of the page.
3. Go to "Click here to start filing out this form" link in the middle of the page and click it.
4. On the first line, "Professional Development Cohort:", click the drop down and choose, "Institute - Professional Dev" and complete the rest of the form
5. Complete the rest of the application.
6. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page
7. Once you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation e-mail that the application has been accepted. (Check your "spam" folder if you do not receive an email) You will then receive, in approximately 2 business days, another email which will include a temporary username and password to the e-mail address you provided when setting up your account
8.  You can now log into Lion's Den with your username and password.
9. Follow the directions above under, "Current TESOL Students" to register for courses.
10. You will be notified within three business days to setup a permanent student account, this will include a Molloy student email account. All emails will now come to your Molloy email. Please be sure to set up your account, this is how you will access Canvas, the online platform used in the all of the courses.

Course Information/Canvas
Information on your course(s), such as assignments and the required textbook will be available on our online course platform called Canvas. To set-up your Canvas account, click here.

Drop/Add Course Section
If you need to change a section of a course that you are currently registered for, please do not attempt to drop one section and add another section in Lion's Den. Instead please contact Shawn Gordon at: or 516.323.3115.

Further Assistance
If you need assistance with your registration, contact Shawn Gordon at or 516.323.3115.