Courses for Certification

The following Molloy graduate courses will be offered to meet the requirements of the Individual Pathway in these areas:

Content Core
- College Coursework - Linguistics (EDU 540; An Introduction to Linguistics, 3 graduate credits)
- College Coursework - English Grammar (EDU 542; The Structure and Application of American English, 3 graduate credits)

Pedagogical Core
-College Coursework - Teaching Literacy Skills Methods (EDU 543; Interdisciplinary Teaching Methods and English Language Arts for PK-12 English Language Learners*, 3 graduate credits, *Based on our experience, most teachers who have recently graduated from college have taken a Literacy course. This course will only be given on-site if there is sufficient need.)
- College Coursework - Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (EDU 514; Teaching English Language Learners, 3 graduate credits and EDU 544; PK-12 TESOL Teaching Practices and Assessment in the Content Areas, 3
graduate credits)

It has been our experience that most teachers may have already completed the Literacy requirement, which can be met by taking EDU 543.  If you graduated from either an undergraduate or graduate teacher education program within NYS within the past 12 years or so, you would have this in your background. NYS put it in as a requirement that every teacher education program have a least one 3-credit Literacy course. Most of the teachers enrolled in the TESOL program have this course in their background. Therefore, EDU 543 is only offered at our Rockville Centre or Suffolk Center locations during the summer.

It has also been our experience that teachers may be missing some or all of the 12 semester hours (credits) in college coursework in a language or languages other than English (including American Sign Language). The language other than English requirement can be met by taking courses for undergraduate credit or through CLEP exams, It is suggested that teachers look into taking the courses at a local community college. The courses do not have to be in one language and coursework in American Sign Language will also satisfy the requirement.

Please note that not every course will be offered every semester. 

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