English Language Arts

The Division of Education of Molloy College has established an English Language Arts Education (E.L.A.) Advisory Board to help improve E.L.A. education. To this end, it is offering professional development by presenting topics of interest for teachers in the areas of English language arts. The Advisory Board consists of E.L.A. teachers and supervisors from schools located throughout Long Island and New York City. Molloy College recognizes this endeavor as part of its mission to serve the education community.

The mission of the ELA Education Advisory Board at Molloy College is

  • To serve in an advisory capacity to make the services provided by the higher education programs congruent with the needs of K-12 E.L.A.
  • To enhance the academic and professional development of K-12 E.L.A. educators by offering E.L.A. programs.
  • To maintain a high quality academic program by generating input and incorporating expertise from English Language Arts Education professionals outside the College.
  • To increase the flow of information and knowledge regarding availability of resources to meet the needs of E.L.A. students and educators in community school districts.
  • To encourage K-12 E.L.A. educators to apply and participate in formal and informal programs, coursework and conferences.
  • To serve the diverse student population in school districts by providing quality in-service teacher-candidates or certified teachers who are trained through their Molloy coursework in teaching diverse populations.

Various workshops and Institutes are offered throughout the year at both our Rockville Centre and Suffolk Center locations. In addition, graduate degree programs in English Language Arts are also offered.

2013 Summer Institutes for Teachers Brochure (listing ELA institutes offerings)
Current Schedule of Program Offerings
Graduate Degree ELA Programs
ELA Education Advisory Board

For more information and to be placed on our mailing list, contact:
Vicky Giouroukakis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Graduate Program, Division of Education
Molloy College
P.O. Box 5002
Rockville Centre, New York 11571-5002
e-mail: vgiouroukakis@molloy.edu