CFRE Designation and CE Credit

Certified Fundraising Executives (CFRE) Designation and Continuing Education Credit

CFRE International offers the only internationally-recognized baseline professional credential for philanthropic fundraising executives. Based on current and valid practice-based standards, the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) designation is a personal and professional achievement that sets standards in philanthropy.

The CFRE process requires a comprehensive written application followed by a written exam. Individuals interested in the CFRE designation must:

  • Have a least five years of paid, professional practice in fundraising
  • Meet all of the minimum eligibility requirements
  • Pass the written exam

The written application works on a point system. Candidates must meet the minimum point requirements in EACH category: education, professional practice, professional performance and service) in order for their application to be approved. Candidates applying for initial certification must document a minimum of 80 points in the education category. Candidates applying for recertification OR inactive status must document a minimum of 45 points in the education category. Candidates earn one point for each one hour of continuing education workshops, seminars and conferences they have attended during the past five years. Beginning in 2010, candidates for both Initial Certification and Recertification will have to demonstrate that 50percent of reported continuing education activities come from CFRE Approved Continuing Education Providers.

The AFPLI is a CFRE Approved Continuing Education Provider and students who complete the Molloy/AFPLI initial certificate program will have completed 69 points and those who complete the advanced certificate will have completed 99 points.

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