Professional Communications Minor

Required Courses

COM 254 - Public Relations
Comprehensive study of public relations including identifying and researching internal and external publics, dealing with print and electronic media, advertising and direct mail. The course emphasizes the basic skills of the public relations field and analyzes aspects of public opinion. Students design a public relations campaign for an exiting company.


COM 259 - Introduction to Advertising
An exploration of advertising design in a free-market economy and its effects on society. Students explore the history of advertising, as well as current practices and techniques from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Students are introduced to the organization of advertising professions and processes from the perspective of consumers, market research, media planning, concept of campaign creation, measuring advertising effectiveness, and budgeting.


COM 315 - Organizational Communication
Analysis of how organizations are produced and affected by communication. An in-depth examination and application of theories, contemporary perspectives and research in the fields of organizational communication. Topics include organizational structures, culture, socialization, decision making, diversity, stress, burnout, technology processes and leadership. Designed for students interested in business, human services, education administration and other professional settings.

Plus 3 other COM courses (9 credits), 200 level or higher, selected in consultation with advisor.

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