Media Minor

Required Courses

COM 261 - Media in the 21st Century
This course is a companion to COM 355 History of Media. Media in the twenty-first Century examines the historical background and impact of more recent technologies. Specifically, this course will examine how different types of mass media, such as the television, phone and Internet, have been augmented in ways that were unanticipated fifty years ago. The class will look at the development of recent media and tech industries that are helping shape our mediated world.


COM 262 - Social Media
The course covers the emerging trend of social media. Students will learn about different forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), how they are used, the social and ethical issues they raise and the ways they are altering our culture. Students are assigned various individual presentation along with team debates. A significant portion (at least 50%) is formal oral presentation work. This is a Communications Speech General Education course.


COM 333 - Video for Websites
A course in understanding the methods media and professional organizations utilize when producing videos for the web. Students will become familiar with the types of videos public relations and advertising organizations post on their websites. Series developed for internet video on-demand services will also be explored. Assignments will include the completion of several projects including promotional videos and an episodic web series. 

Plus 3 other COM courses (9 credits), 200 level or higher, selected in consultation with advisor.

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