Media Minor

Required Courses

COM 256 - Field Production
Location shooting using portable field equipment. Students will become familiar with digital single-camera techniques, location audio, producing and directing, as well as digital editing processes. Assignments include the completion of several short video projects.


COM 355 - History of Media
A survey of the development of media in human communications including newspapers, film, radio, television and the web. Consideration of technological, industrial, and audience dimensions. Attention to the further development of media research and analysis skills.


COM 356 - Film Art
Popular films have a profound influence on our individual and cultural identities. This course emphasizes aesthetic, technical and narrative aspects of popular film focusing especially on how they create meanings. Illustrative examples are screened.

Plus 3 other COM courses (9 credits), 200 level or higher, selected in consultation with advisor.


"Having the opportunity to be a student in the Communications Department at Molloy is something I am forever grateful for. I was able to learn and develop a combination of media, professional, and new media skills that I will carry with me into my future career. I am so thankful to have met such amazing professors, staff, and fellow classmates and I wouldn't trade my experiences at Molloy for anything!"
Jess Falcone: Communications Graduate May 2014

"With a career like mine, it's an absolute necessity to be knowledgeable in the ever-changing world of media and technologies, a world that changes every day. My experience at Molloy College has greatly assisted me in not only knowing how to fully grasp current media trends, but it has also given me the ability to knowledgeably research into it's future."
Michael Mendez: Communications Graduate December 2008

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