Communications Minors

The Communications Department currently offers the following minors:


"I had a wonderful experience attaining my Communications degree at Molloy. It was a journey that positively affected me to pursue a career in Higher Education and work with students in hopes they too will have the same great experience. The professors were extremely dedicated and experts in their field. Our small class environment allowed you to truly grasp what was being taught, and it also encouraged your professor and peers to get to know you well. The Communications Department was a very supportive environment and I would go back again in a heartbeat!"
Mary Crimmins: Communications Graduate December 2009

Professional Communications 

"Coming to Molloy as a transfer student and only having a year and a half left didn't leave much time for me to create long lasting memories, but luckily I was proven wrong thanks to the COM department. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting within the department but at the same time they're ready to challenge you, push you and put you to the test. I've learned so many life lessons from my time at Molloy and the COM department is the sole reason why. It's not always about what you learn in the classroom but how you apply it outside the classroom. Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career. Luckily, not even a year after graduation and I've already landed my career job and I couldn't imagine it happening without the people and experiences I encountered through the Molloy Communications Department."
Kelly Ann Keenan: Communications Graduate December 2013

New Media 

"My experience at Molloy College has been invaluable to me. It has boosted my confidence, given me skills I could not have otherwise acquired and given me a step-up in my chosen career field. I am now versed in current media trends, understand the foundation for Communication theory and am well versed in doing academic research - all valuable tools Molloy offered me through my degree study."
Karenlyn Barone: Communications Graduate May 2012


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