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By Alex Costello,
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Scholarship winners Gareth Moore, second from left, and Patrick Lisante were congratulated on their win by Associate Dean Ron Carman, left, and Dean Stephen Bier.For many years, Molloy College's Division of Business hosted a trip to China for its first-year students. But for the first time, the business department held an essay contest about business ethics, the winners of which had their trip to China paid for by a scholarship. Gareth Moore and Patrick Lisante, both first-year students in Molloy's Business Honors program, won first and second place in the essay contest, respectively.

The essays were on one of two topics: addressing the question of social responsibility or a definition of what is the "right" thing to do in business.

"The reason we do ethics is because our position as the only Catholic college within the county of Nassau is something we take very seriously," said Stephen Bier, the dean of the division of business. "And we think ethics, just in general, is something that needs to be emphasized, with the scandals and fraud we've seen permeating the business headlines." Read more.

Business Students in China

Molloy Business Students in China

The Director of Global Learning at Molloy, Kathy Reba, is fond of quoting Mohammad: "Don't tell me how much you have been educated; tell me how much you have traveled." Top accounting and finance professionals on our Advisory Board tell us that "a young professional can no longer get promoted to a senior leadership position without working abroad in another country."

Students in the Business Program have the opportunity to vist China in their Freshman year and London in the Sophomore year. Along with New York, these are two of the most important financial capitals in the world. On these trips, students get the following opportunities:

• Global business projects with partner students at foreign universities

• Professional speakers include foreign CEOs, political leaders, investors, consultants and accountants

• Tours of foreign companies (e.g., China's largest ship builder, Morgan Stanley's London Trading Floor)

• Potential foreign internships through the introductions made on the trip

Juniors in the Business Program are encouraged to study abroad for a semester at a foreign university. Students often engage in "language immersion" programs to achieve a language minor, as well as taking business classes.

Business Students in London

Molloy Business London Trip

Business Students and Faculty at Barclay's Headquarters in Paris 2013

Business Students and Faculty at Barclay’s Headquarters in Paris 2013

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