Research Seminar

The Biology, Chemistry and Environmental studies Department hosts monthly Research Seminars during the semester. Everyone from all departments and outside visitors are welcome. Seminars are held in the Reception Room, Kellenberg Hall.

Please contact Dr. Mary Kusenda or Dr. Noelle Cutter for more information.


Fall 2012-Spring 2014 Research Seminar Schedule

Thursday October 3 - Dr. John Tanacredi from Molloy College presenting the significant strides in research using Horseshoe crabs.

Monday, October 28- Justin Lee from NYU's MD, Ph.D Program presenting his computational model for is the evolution of the genetic code: How is it possible that a near-optimal code became so universal?

Friday, December 6- Dr. Azad Gucwa from Long Island University at Post Functional genomic identification of multiple targets for inhibiting tumor-promoting fibroblasts
Tuesday February 25 - Dr. Marc Fink from Long Island University at Post,  Acute Resistance       Mechanisms to the Breast Cancer Drug Lapatinib

Friday March 14- Mike Vigliotti from Long Island University at Post, presenting the evolving role of pharmacists in clinical practice and industry

Thursday April 24 - Dr. Weber Feitosa, a Postdoctoral fellow at Population Council presenting the SUMO pathway regulation in oocyte maturation.