2017 Water Quality Reports

In 2017, the Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Oceans Monitoring (CERCOM) visited 9 locations in the Great South Bay to monitor for dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, salinity, clarity and temperature. These parameters are critical in determining long-term water quality conditions for Long Island's ecosystem health.

Figure 1

Tables shown represent each year's (2014-2017) site and total water quality parameter averages. Each of the 9 sites monitored in the Great South Bay has its own yearly specific average. Those averages make up the years' total average, as shown in the last column.  

Figure 1 graph

Figure 1 graph

Figure 2

The graph shows the trend for the Great South Bay's dissolved oxygen levels from 2014-2017. The dissolved oxygen values (both surface and bottom values of DO) for 2017 have been robust overall and outstandingly consistent. Graph shows a general increasing trend.  

Figure 2 graph

Figure 3

The graph shows a four-year trend for the Great South Bay's pH levels. pH levels range from 6.02 to 8.06. pH levels are collected from 9 locations within the Bay.  

Figure 3 graph

Figure 4

The graph shows a four-year trend for the Great South Bay's salinity levels both top and bottom. Salinity levels show a stable and consistent trend from 2014-2017.  

Figure 4 graph

Figure 5

The graph shows a four-year trend for the Great South Bay's temperature for both top and bottom for the summer season.

Figure 5 graph


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