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Molloy College students, attending the Explorers Club with Dr. Tanacredi, take time for a photo op with "Bill Nye the Science Guy"

Located at the historic Blue Points Oyster Hatchery in West Sayville, CERCOM is a newly developed science research center and monitoring station on the Great South Bay. CERCOM is committed to advancing knowledge and developing solutions to environmental problems in coastal ecosystems through a network of group-cooperative monitoring activities, captive breeding programs, and research.

In partnership with monitoring networks at the federal, state, local, and international levels, CERCOM provides the baseline data necessary to implement ecosystem-based management (EBM) recommendations. These recommendations assure the long-term health of estuarine environments on Long Island and focus attention on the ecosystem health of estuarine environments worldwide.

What does this mean to you? Your career path in science will be set.

It means that CERCOM gives you an extraordinary hands-on opportunity at the undergraduate level to get involved and give back to the natural world while constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge to fulfill your career goals. Historically, there has never been a better time to conduct research in the earth, marine, and environmental sciences. With the burgeoning computer, satellite and communications networks worldwide, interdisciplinary approaches to exploring new opportunities in ecosystem health, energy resources, geographic information systems (GIS), and human ecology become critical to developing a better understanding of planet

By choosing a career in the earth, and environmental sciences, you prove your commitment to our own survival and to the development of sustainable methods for interacting with the constantly changing status of the Earth's natural resources.


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