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See what the future holds for CERCOM at Molloy College In Earth Science:

  • Sediment Suitability for Horseshoe Crab Spawning in Estuarine Restoration Sites
  • Evaluation of Hurricane Intensity and Class-Level in Response to Surface Water Temperature Trends in the Eastern Caribbean
  • Investigation of Mega Tsunami Event form Impact Craters on Long Island
  • Swimming Characteristics of Horseshoe Crabs in Simulated Long Island Shoreline Currents

In Environmental Science:

  • Five-Year Trend Analysis of Water Quality for Great South Bay
  • GIS Analysis for Classification of Ecosystem Health Status for an Urban Estuary
  • Pine Barren Forest Ecology Health Evaluation with the Foundation for Ecological Research in the Northeast (F.E.R.N., Inc.)
  • Estuarine Sediment/Soil Moisture Relationship to Spartina Marsh Biomass

In Marine Science:

  • Population Density of Spiny Lobster, Glover's Reef, Belize (with the Wildlife Conservation Society's New York Aquarium)- a World Heritage Site, Belize.
  • Spawning Success of Captive Bred Limulus Under Simulated Diurnal Lighting Frequencies.
  • North Atlantic Marine Mammal Population Survey - Humpback Whales (with CRESLI).
  • White Tip Shark Population Migrations, GIS Tracking Network.
  • GIS Model of Whale distribution/migration off the Long Island coastline.
  • Ocean Acidification Studies.

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