Horseshoe Crab Monitoring Protocol

2019 HSC Inventory Protocol:
Summer Tide Schedule

June July August
Full Moon 17 16 15
New Moon 2 31 30

To find our monitoring locations, visit HSC Inventory.

1. Survey dates are the days before, during and after the spring tides of May, June, July and August.

2. Plan to arrive within 2 hours before and after the local posted high tide.

a. Local high tides can found at Salt Water Tides going to the "tide portion of the website.

b. Get data for tide sites nearest your sites.

3. Bring a log book and a pen.

4. Wear footwear appropriate to walk up to knee deep (walking this deep may not be necessary.)

5. When you arrive, identify the boundaries of the beach.

a. Beginning at one end, walk at the water's edge and count and log all females (F) and males (M) on land and visible in the water.

6. Complete all site visits around the high tide.

7. Submit data by visiting HSC Inventory.