Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Oceans Monitoring (CERCOM)

CERCOMCERCOM supports the B.S. in the biology, chemistry and environmental studies (BCES) department to service all science majors who may be interested in internships.  As an Earth and environmental studies major, you will have the opportunity to excel both inside and outside of the classroom in preparation to enter highly marketable fields of employment and exciting careers in environmental science.

1,800-square-foot marine science laboratory located at the West Sayville Boat Basin Exterior 1,800-square-foot marine science laboratory located at the West Sayville Boat Basin

Students can choose a concentration in either earth science or environmental studies. Built upon a foundation of natural and physical science, our introductory courses will give you the background that you need to analyze, question and contemplate solutions to the multitude of concerns affecting our coastal environments. Travel the world with Molloy's global learning programs and witness first-hand what your professors have shared with you in their lectures. Intern in the largest horseshoe crab breeding laboratory in the United States.


  • We are housed in an 2,500-square-foot marine science laboratory located at the West Sayville Boat Basin
  • Mission of environmental monitoring and analysis
  • Partnership with networks at the federal, state and international levels for ecosystem monitoring
  • Provides the baseline data necessary to implement ecosystem-based management (EBM)
  • Provides recommendations for the long term health of estuarine environments on Long Island
  • Works to focus attention on the ecosystem health of estuarine environments worldwide
  • Provides Molloy students with unique opportunities
  • Investigating environmental problems in coastal ecosystems via a network of monitoring activities
  • Captive breeding programs for horseshoe crabs
  • Students can complete up to 10 elective credits in a Research Track in the Earth and Environmental Studies program
  • Current research projects at CERCOM that students can participate in include:
  • Ocean Acidification Impacts on Horseshoe Crab Carapace Molts
  • Captive Breeding of Limulus Polyphemus for Restoration
  • Sediment Characteristics of the Great South Bay Benthic Habitat
  • Estuarine water quality for ecological sustainability


As part of the Earth and Environmental Studies major, all students must complete at least one semester of an off-campus internship. An internship makes the classroom's abstract theories and learned examples concrete by placing you in a real life work situation performing actual professional tasks. Under consultation with Dr. John Tanacredi, Director of CERCOM, explore the possibilities of interning with one of numerous organizations such as:

  • The Wildlife Conservation Society
  • The New York Aquarium
  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • The National Park Service
  • The American Museum of Natural History
  • The Long Island Maritime Museum
  • Atlantis Marine World


Short Video on Horseshoe Crab Conservation 

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The Environmental Sciences

Do you want to travel the globe and make a difference? You can work IN the world with a degree in the environmental sciences. One day you could be measuring conchs off the coast of Florida, the next you may be counting sea cucumbers off Belize. Students in this program have traveled to Iceland to study glaciers, the Badlands in the Dakotas to find fossils and gold, Belize to study marine mammals and the rain forests of Costa Rica with their rich, exotic wealth of wildlife ranging from macaws to fish to crocodiles."


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