Biology Department Facilities

Biology Facilities

The Department has two large teaching laboratories for course work in General Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Embryology and Comparative Anatomy, Cell Biology and Microbiology. Two advanced research laboratories enable protocols for molecular biology and cell tissue culture. These facilities support faculty research, independent study for the junior or senior science major and the integration of laboratory experiences that utilize methodologies including: recombinant DNA technology, cell hybridization, electrophoresis, inflorescence microscopy and immunochemistry.

Chemistry and Physics Facilities

The Department has two large teaching laboratories for work in Inorganic, Organic and Analytical Chemistry. A common instrumentation room services both Chemistry and Earth and Environmental Studies for infrared spectrophotometry, ICP spectrophotometry, gas chromatography and other high tech data analyses. One large combination teaching laboratory and lecture room accommodates the needs of General Physics and Earth Science. An attached microscopy room and darkroom are available for general use.  The undergraduate laboratory experience in all the sciences can be augmented by internships and field experiences coordinated by the College's partnerships with off-campus institutions that specialize in clinical and experimental/applied research in biology, earth and environmental sciences.

CERCOM Facilities

CERCOM is headquarterd in an 1,800-square-foot marine science laboratory located next to the West Sayville Boat Basin in Suffolk County, NY aside the Great South Bay.