Does science rock your world? Then give your future a rock-solid foundation with an undergraduate degree in biology, chemistry, earth science or environmental studies from Molloy College on Long Island, New York.

Whether you're looking for a future in scientific research, teaching, medicine or dentistry, our integrated and diverse programs are a great place to start. Combining classical theory with hands-on mastery of scientific concepts, at Molloy you'll have access to:

  • An educationally-diverse, expert faculty. The same experienced faculty member who teaches your course is also your lab instructor (not a lab assistant) and shares their expertise in a small class environment. Limited to 12 - 20 students per lab and no more than 24 students in a lecture, you're sure to receive the individual attention you deserve.
  • A faculty-mentor who will help you fine tune your research skills, make better career choices and build personal and professional confidence as a member of the scientific community.
  • State-of-the art laboratories on campus. Our labs easily facilitate protocols in molecular biology, immunology, genetics, flourescence miscrosopy, tissue culture and forensics. You will benefit from learning sophisticated techniques in many of the rapidly expanding areas of scientific study and have ample opportunity to participate in faculty-supervised and independent research.
  • Field experience internships and off-campus placements sure to strengthen your career options. Programs such as our Island Biogeography Field Experience at the Gerace Research Center on San Salvador island, Bahamas provide a unique, global-learning opportunity to gain hands-on experience and elective credits in distinct areas like island geography, archaeology and marine biology.
  • Our new research series course design gives you three semesters of research experience, from designing your experiment, writing a mock grant to acquire research funds, learning valuable contemporary research techniques from experts in the field, and writing a collaborative journal article with the goal of publication in a peer reviewed journal.

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