Professional Communications Minor

Required Courses
COM 2550 - Public Relations
Public Relations (PR) is a dynamic profession and one of the leading employment needs in today's market. Students will learn how to manage and develop appropriate communication skills across traditional and digital platforms that deliver results. Evaluation of current news through a PR lens and the development of writing and listening skills are important to this field that presents opportunities in corporate, entrepreneurial, government, academia, nonprofit industries and more. Learn how to create and evaluate effective PR campaigns that drive results.

COM 2590 - Introduction to Advertising

Consumers are exposed to thousands of messages every day. In this course, students will learn the basic advertising principles of how to reach those consumers. Study the role of the advertising in media and society by evaluating current marketplace advertisements ranging from grass-roots to multi-million dollar campaigns. Students will create and advertising campaign inclusive of consumer behavior learned knowledge, advertising and creative strategies, effective research techniques, the latest media buying plans and development of a proposed budget. 


COM 3130 - Interpersonal Communications
The course focuses on the development of the interpersonal communication skills necessary for building and maintain positive relationships in both a personal and professional environment. Topics of study include an orientation to interpersonal communication, verbal and non-verbal communication in career and personal relationships, perception of self and others, listening, managing conflict, response skills, cultural and gender considerations, characteristics of leadership and effective work groups and job interviewing. Students will study various theories and practice skill development.

COM 3150 - Organizational Communication
Analysis of how organizations are produced and affected by communication. An in-depth examination and application of theories, contemporary perspectives and research in the fields of organizational communication. Topics include organizational structures and cultures, socialization, decision making, diversity, stress, burnout, technology processes and leadership. Designed for students interested in business, human services, education administration and other professional settings.

Plus 2 other COM courses (6 credits), 2000 level or higher, selected in consultation with advisor.



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