Legal Studies Minor

The Legal Studies Minor is unique!

The Legal Studies minor is unique - students automatically earn a Certificate in Paralegal Studies - making them job ready upon graduation to start careers in law or law-related fields or continue on to law school.

All undergraduate majors can benefit from a paralegal studies certificate. The skills learned in the Paralegal Studies program also prepare students for careers in related professions.

The legal studies minor allows the student to earn a certificate in paralegal studies while completing the requirements of the minor. The same credits apply to two separate educational achievements:

  • Your minor
  • Your paralegal studies certificate

The Minor is earned upon completion of 21 credits.

Four required courses (10 credits):

  • LGL 103: Introduction to Legal Studies
  • LGL 301: Legal Research and Writing
  • LGL 201: Professional Responsibility in the Law
  • LGL 302: Litigation

Plus 11 credits from additional courses.

Links to US Department of Labor:

Honor Society:

Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX): national honor society in legal/legal studies.