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Can I complete the whole graduate education or graduate nursing program at the Suffolk Center? You can complete many of your classes at the Suffolk Center, but you will have to take some at the Rockville Centre campus, too. In graduate education there are different certifications. Not all certifications are offered entirely at the Suffolk Center. Graduate nursing and education require some classes that use a computer lab; those classes must be taken at Rockville Centre.

If I take classes at either the Suffolk Center or an off-campus location can I use the library and other facilities at Rockville Centre? Yes, regardless of location you are a Molloy College student and enjoy all the rights and privileges that go along with it. You can access library information online at In addition the Suffolk Center houses a small library. The books at the Suffolk Center are for reference purposes only, you can make copies of any reading material you may need to take home. If you would like a book from the James E. Tobin Library at Rockville Centre, an off-campus staff member can arrange it to be delivered to the Suffolk Center. Contact off-campus programs at 516-323-3570 or email to request a book.

How do I get a 30 percent tuition discount for classes?

  • Tuition for classes at the Suffolk Center is the same as classes at Rockville Centre.
  • A 30 percent discount is applied automatically to Graduate Education classes taken at Molloy's off-campus facilities at either St. Anthony's High School or the Immaculate Conception Center.
  • If you teach full-time in a religion-affiliated school, you may qualify for a 30 percent tuition discount. (Sorry, only one discount per student.)
  • Nursing students employed at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System (NS-LIJHS) receive a 30 percent discount for classes taken at Molloy's off-campus facilities at Long Island Jewish, Syosset Hospital, or Plainview Hospital.

I work as a nurse for North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System (NS-LIJHS), do I get tuition deferment?  Yes, you can call Eileen McKenna at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System (NS-LIJHS) human resources at 516.734.7150. Eileen will issue a letter for you and fax it to the bursar's office. Please keep in mind you must do this every semester.  Tuition deferment plans are also available to nursing students employed in the Catholic Health Services. Please contact off-campus programs at 631.755.5509 and request a tuition deferment form for Catholic Health Services. The form must be filled out each semester by Catholic Health Services human resources pepartment to verify that you are still an employee.

Why do I have to pay fees if I am not on campus?  The fees apply to all Molloy students. Please keep in mind that the technology fee is waived at all off-campus locations except the Suffolk Center.

I already have my own email account, why do I need a Molloy account? The academic departments require students to check their Molloy College accounts regularly. Important registration information and other academic notices are sent via email only. In addition, we contact you via your Molloy email. It is also a great way to find out about upcoming events on and off-campus.

Why do I need immunizations if I am taking classes off-campus and/or on a non-matriculated basis? There are two immunization forms required from every Molloy College student before his or her initial registration:

* Prior to registration all students born on or after January 1,1957 must submit their immunization history against measles, mumps and rubella as mandated by New York state law. The information required is proof that you have received: 

  • 2 Measles vaccines at least 30 days apart
  • 1 Mumps vaccine
  • 1 Rubella vaccine


  • Serologic evidence of immunity for each disease (blood work)

This information may be available from your health care provider (M.D.) or a previously attended college. New York state public health law requires that all enrolled college students complete the meningococcal meningitis response form. You are not required to have the vaccine, just to fill out the form You can find more information about the disease and the vaccine at

I completed my undergraduate degree many years ago, my grades aren't great. Can I still be accepted to graduate school?
Don't be discouraged; although Molloy has admission requirements we do accept students on a provisional basis. In order to assess your status, you will need to submit an application to admissions and official transcripts from all the colleges and universities you attended as an undergraduate student.

I completed my undergraduate degree outside of the United States, what should I do?
You need to get your transcripts evaluated, even if they are in English. Molloy accepts evaluations from World Education Services or Globe Language Services, Inc.

I began a graduate program at Molloy a few years ago and then stopped, do I have to reapply?
If you had been accepted on a matriculated basis six or fewer years ago, you may fill out a re-admit/re-activation form and pay the $30 fee. If it has been seven or more years since you stopped attending you must resubmit all of your paperwork. If you were attending on a non-matriculated basis you will need to begin the application process. The form can be obtained from the Admissions Office or by contacting Off-Campus Programs at 631.755.5509 or

Can I take graduate classes on a non-matriculated basis?
Yes, but academic departments do limit the number of credits you may take. For more information you can contact the specific department directly.

If I attended more than one college at the undergraduate level, do I have to get official transcripts from all schools?
Yes, the admissions office requires an official transcript from every school you attended as an undergraduate, even if you only took one class or transferred the credits into another college. An "official" transcript is sent from the college or university in a sealed envelope directly to the admissions office, 1000 Hempstead Avenue, P.O. Box 5002, Rockville Centre, New York 11571-5002.

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