Sophomore Year Experience

The Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) at Molloy University:

Welcome to your sophomore year!

It's your second year at college. What opportunities await you? What decisions do you have to make? These are some of the things you may be asking yourself as you begin your sophomore year at college.

Sophomore year is a transition period for college students. It is an exciting time to learn and grow. You will make decisions about your major, career and study abroad opportunities. These decisions can be challenging.The Sophomore Year Experience was developed to help make the necessary connections and empower students to make these decisions.

Through a series of events hosted by the Student Solution Center, The Sophomore Year Experience provides the opportunity for students to connect with peers, engage with faculty and administration and ultimately gain a sense of belonging. These events (PDF) allow students to develop relationships, as well as a stronger connection to the Molloy community, resulting in an enhanced academic experience, a rewarding second year and a successful college career.

For more information about the SYE Program, contact Cathleen DiPietro at 516.323.4404 or

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