Entertainment and Sports Management B.S.

Program learning outcome:

Students will be able to:

  • Employ logical and critical reasoning to solve Entertainment and Sport Management issues
  • Demonstrate mastery in the fields of Entertainment and Sport Management coupled with foundational knowledge of management, marketing and economic theory and practice.
  • Employ both written and oral communications skills effectively emphasizing professional presentation and team participation as it relates to Entertainment and Sport Management.
  • Acquire quantitative and qualitative skills to analyze and evaluate business challenges in the fields of Entertainment and Sport Management.
  • Integrate a strong ethical thought process into all business decision-making as it relates to Entertainment and Sport Management.


Dual Degree Programs

B.S., Entertainment and Sport Management is offered as a dual-major with either a Management major or Marketing major. The dual major structure provides students with a solid foundation in Management and Marketing along with a specialization in the business aspects of the Entertainment and Sport industries.

Entertainment & Sports Management and Management B.S. 8 Semester Plan

Entertainment & Sports Management and Marketing B.S. 8 Semester Plan


Entertainment and Sport Management Minor

The School of Business also offers a Minor in Entertainment & Sports Management  


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