Executive-Based Learning Model

The Molloy College Undergraduate Business Program offers a unique executive-based learning approach to business education. The goal of the program is to challenge every student to achieve his or her full potential. Molloy's Business Program aims to provide students with the academic foundation and professional business skills that will enable them to obtain multiple internship opportunities throughout their undergraduate tenure and, ultimately, full-time professional positions.  This executive-based learning approach is a partnership among the students, faculty, administrators, and advisors, which generate the desired professional outcome.

The four components of the executive-based learning model are:

The Right Faculty

I. This distinctive didactic model begins with selecting the right faculty. Our professors have a rich and significant employment history in which they bring a wealth of real-world corporate industry knowledge and experience to the classroom. Combined with strong academic backgrounds and diverse college teaching experiences, the faculty make theory come to life.

The Right Students

II. Molloy's Business Program focuses on finding the best students for this exclusive program. Our students exhibit both a high aptitude and the right attitude in order to be successful both academically and professionally. Our students have a passion for business, high ethical principles, and a desire to serve the community.

The Right Training

III. Molloy's Business Program provides a rigorous course of study that requires our students to be active learners in small classrooms where professors know their names, and where academic and professional skills are developed.  With the correct training, which includes an emphasis on writing, public speaking, Excel modeling and ethics, our students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to compete in today's challenging and globally expanding business environment. What the student learns in the classroom is reinforced through their involvement in clubs, business competitions, consulting, global travel, and mentoring opportunities. 

The Right Internship and Jobs

IV. We take pride in placing a strong emphasis on professional experience through extraordinary internships, and, ultimately, full-time job placement. We encourage all of our students to begin this real-life business experience through internship placements as early as the summer after freshman year. We fully utilize a dedicated resource within the Business Division to help students achieve this goal.