CPA Exam Requirements and Pass Rates

Best CPA Pass Rates

Postcard Announcing Molloy College High CPA Exam Pass Rate

Accounting Graduates of the Molloy college School of Business have Consistently One of the Best CPA Pass Rates in the Region.

The School of Business' mission and vision statements encompass transformative education and executive-based learning to prepare our students for a meaningful professional and personal life, while focusing on an ethically-based, high-quality, and socially-minded education. 

Our Accounting faculty work diligently to prepare our students for the CPA exam including devoting an entire Capstone class to review key elements of this rigorous certification.  

CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Exam

Students taking the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Exam in the years after 2009 complete 150 college credits in any combination of undergraduate and graduate courses in order to be licensed. Students may take the CPA Exam prior to earning 150 college credits. Such candidates, however, will not become licensed until they pass the examination, earn 150 college credits and acquire one year of qualifying accounting experience by being supervised by a CPA. For more information on CPA licensing requirements, please refer to the following websites: and CPA Exam policies should be reviewed and verified for changes periodically.