Business Honors FAQ

Who is eligible?
High achieving high school students entering their senior year are eligible to be part of the Molloy Business Honors Program.

What is the academic/personal profile of the typical Business Honors class?
The incoming Business Honors student normally has a combined Math and Reading SAT score between 1200 and 1400 and/or Composite ACT score of 26 to 32. The average cumulative weighted high school GPA is typically in the high 90's. On average, over the past few years, 35% of the students graduated from Catholic high schools and 65% from public schools. Many of the students were varsity athletes in high school and several are expecting to participate in varsity sports at Molloy.

What is involved in the application process?
Although no separate application is required, admittance to the Program requires a personal on-campus interview of the candidate with Associate Dean Stephen Bier, the Director of the Business Honors Program.

When should I apply?
You can apply as early as the Summer preceding your senior year in high school. Although we have rolling admissions at Molloy, you are encouraged to apply and have an interview by the early Fall due to the limited size of the Honors Program. Once 30 students have confirmed their attendance, the Program will be closed for that academic year and all other students accepted to the College will be assigned to the traditional classes in the Business Program.

When will I find out if I am accepted?
Once you have received notification from Admissions of your acceptance to the College and have completed the personal interview with the Director of the Business Honors Program, if accepted into Honors, you will be informed within a few weeks.

When do I need to give a commitment?
Once invited, a firm verbal commitment from the student is sufficient to reserve a position in the Program. The same Confirmation Deposit of $400 that is required by Molloy College by May 1st to officially hold your position in the College will also reserve your spot in the Business Honors Program.

Are scholarships available?
Yes. College-wide scholarships ("Dominican") are available to applicants based on a combination of their SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA. In addition, there are Business Division Scholarships ("Presidential") available to students who have demonstrated a record of achievement in other academic and extracurricular activities.

What are the majors available?
The list of Undergraduate and Dual Degree Majors and Minors are the same for Honors and traditional Business students. 

Am I able to participate in both the Business Honors Program and the liberal arts honors program?
Yes. Acceptance into the liberal arts honors program is based solely on SAT/ACT and GPA scores without an interview. The Business Honors Program considers other intangible factors we believe are important to be successful in business. These characteristics can only be assessed in an interview. It is possible that a student may be invited into one of the honors programs and not the other. If an applicant is interested in each of the honors programs, we recommend they pursue both.

What are the normal class sizes?
Classes normally consist of 15 - 20 students.

What GPA do I need to maintain at the college to maintain eligibility?
A cumulative GPA of 3.0 - across all courses - must be maintained in order to maintain eligibility in the Honors Program.

Can I get into the program if I am not invited into it as a freshman?
Yes. Students that achieve a 3.5 during their Freshman year can apply for admittance into the Honors Program in their sophomore year. Acceptance into the program requires a personal interview with Associate Dean Stephen Bier, the Director of the Business Honors Program.