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Beginning in Fall 2020, students accepted into the Adolescent Education (B.A.) programs in Spanish, History, English, and Math can automatically earn a second B.A. in those same fields in Arts and Sciences - without having to do any extra work! 

These Double Majors provide our students with excellent alternatives when deciding future careers. The B.A. in Adolescent Education affords you the necessary skills and training should you go on to a career in teaching. On the other hand, the B.A. in the more traditional liberal arts fields (Math, Spanish, History, and English) also give our graduates the opportunity to pursue other careers - either right out of College, or down the road. Our Education/Liberal Arts double majors are good for the growth and development of our students while they are with us - and essential for your future career potential once you graduate.

  • Graduates with a B.A. in English have gone on from Molloy College to pursue doctoral degrees in English or enter the professional spheres of publishing, public relations, and education administration.
  • Graduates with a B.A. in History follow an array of career paths including education, law, journalism, politics, communications, technology, business, research, art, advertising, finance, urban and regional planning, forestry, and medicine.
  • Graduates with a B.A. in Spanish pursue careers in publishing, health professions, translation, business and international trade, tourism, and hotel and restaurant management.
  • Graduates with a B.A. in Math pursue doctoral study in mathematics or find employment related to high-growth fields such as materials science; data mining and data privacy; computer animation and digital imagery; finance and economics.

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