Special Education

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     Are you interested in working with diverse students in a variety of school settings?  If so, you have two options at Molloy University.  You can choose to pursue a degree as an Adolescence Teacher (Grades 7-12) in a specific content area or Childhood Teacher (Grades 1-6) both leading to New York State certification as a Special Educator (Students with Disabilities-SWD) and teacher of Adolescence or Childhood respectively. 


Required Coursework*

     The number of credits required for each degree differs slightly.  Refer to the course catalog for specific information on each program.

  • General Education Requirements (38-48 credits)
  • Content Area Requirements (30-55 credits)
  • Education Requirements (30-40 credits)
  • Elective Requirements (1-8 credits)
  • Total Credits (120-125 credits)

*Please note:  Courses are offered in a variety of modalities to accommodate all Molloy University students: hybrid, asynchronous, and in-person classes.



     During your time at Molloy University, you will have two faculty advisors.  One from education and one from your content area.  Together they will guide you through your coursework to successfully complete your degree and help you plan your next steps after graduation.


Field Experience

     As part of your Education requirements, you will participate in three field experiences.  The first field experience will give you the opportunity to observe in a local school in the grade level and setting appropriate for your degree.  The second field experience, pre-student teaching, will take place the semester before you graduate.  You will observe and teach in a local school.  In your final semester, you will student teach where you will be in the classroom with your cooperating teacher full-time.  You will have many opportunities to teach and be observed by your Molloy University Field Supervisor and your cooperating teacher both will provide feedback to help you improve your craft. 


 Degrees Offered/New York State Certification

     The following degrees will lead to New York State Initial Certification as a Teacher of Childhood (Grades 1-6) and Special Education (Students with Disabilities-SWD).

  • B.S. Childhood Education—Biology/Special Education
  • B.S. Childhood Education—Communications/Special Education
  • BS. Childhood Education—English/Special Education
  • B.S. Childhood Education—History/Special Education
  • B.S. Childhood Education—Mathematics/Special Education
  • B.S. Childhood Education—Psychology/Special Education
  • B.S. Childhood Education—Spanish/Special Education


     The following degrees will lead to New York State Initial Certification as a Teacher of Grades 7-12 in the content area indicated and Special Education (Students with Disabilities-SWD).

  • B.S. Adolescence Education—Biology/Special Education
  • B.S. Adolescence Education—Earth Science/Special Education
  • B.A. Adolescence Education—English/Special Education
  • B.A. Adolescence Education—Mathematics /Special Education
  • B.A. Adolescence Education—Social Studies/Special Education
  • B.A. Adolescence Education—Spanish/Special Education

 Transfer students are welcome into this program. Learn more about transferring to Molloy, including transfer guidelines, articulation agreements and funding opportunities