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Testimonials from current students or alumni

"As a current student and future alumni I have only good things to say about the Graduate Education Program at Molloy. My time here has prepared me to be the most effective Adolescent English Teacher I can be. From the two years I have spent taking graduate courses I feel extremely prepared to start my career as an educator. Each of my professors have equally been extremely encouraging during my classes. I have taken mostly in-person and hybrid courses to create strong connections and relationships with my professors and classmates. By doing this I was offered realistic feedback by my peers and professors on each lesson plan write-up and classroom activity created. Learning about the Molloy Lesson Plan and its detailed structure allows me to accurately plan and create effective lessons for diverse groups of students. From my experience of pre-student teaching and student teaching I feel confident that this is the profession I am ready to begin. After each observation my confidence in my abilities grew and expanded my awareness on how to teach in a real classroom environment. I know that the knowledge I have gained from this program will follow me throughout my teaching career."

- Carli Fonseca


"The Graduate Education Program at Molloy University has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and skills. The knowledge and skills that I have acquired throughout my two years in this program has given me a feeling of confidence as I embark on my journey to becoming an Adolescent Social Studies and Special Education educator. From in-person to online courses, I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the best professors the university has to offer. Each professor in the Graduate Education Department makes their students their priority and has a desire to see all their students succeed. Professors are always willing to assist and accommodate their students in a multitude of ways. Personally, some of my favorite courses that I have taken are courses that are in Special Education. Special Education is a part of education that is sometimes overlooked. What I have learned from these courses and what every educator should learn, is that a disability does not define who a student is. Students with disabilities should have an equal and equitable opportunity to learn and succeed as every other student does. The courses in Special Education that I have taken in the Graduate Education Department have taught me that and more! Having no prior experience or knowledge of teaching, the Molloy Lesson Plan provided me with a strong foundation on how to successfully develop a lesson plan. The idea of being observed for pre-student teaching and student teaching, is a little less nerve racking because of the strong foundation that is built from completing."

- Anonymous