RN to BS in Nursing Program

Designed for the busy working nurse looking to advance their career

The Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing RN degree completion program is designed with you-- the busy RN who is working toward a bachelor's degree-in mind! We offer an accelerated and flexible fully online program built just for you with options of 7- or 14-week courses.

Molloy University makes it possible for you to complete your 120-credit bachelor's degree at an affordable cost of $550 per credit.

*Cannot be combined with any Molloy partnership discount or institutional aid. All classes must be taken online.

Benefits of the RN to BS Program:

  • The program emphasizes population health, public health and world health issues.
  • Faculty are experts in their field and provide a curriculum that builds on your experience, to enhance your knowledge and skills, and prepares you as a leader in an ever-changing health care system
  • Many graduates from the B.S. degree program will continue on in our graduate nursing programs and will obtain advanced nursing roles at their place of work. 

Required Nursing Courses:

NUR 2490 Humanistic Nursing Concepts for Professional Practice
ENV 1010 Introduction to Environmental Issues
NUR 3500 Health Assessment in the Community
NUR 3510 Integrative Nursing Practice
NUR 3520 Culture of Health in Chronic Illness
NUR 3530 Public Health Issues in World Health
NUR 3890 Nursing Research
NUR 4960 Leadership Management

Nursing credits = 24
Residency credits = 30
Total credits = 120

The remaining credits will permit you to pursue a minor in an area complementary to nursing.

RN Completion Program - ONLINE

7-week format

                Fall Semester                  
              Spring Semester              
1st Half                     2nd Half        1st Half                           2nd Half
Nur 2490 Nur 3510 Nur 3530 Nur 4960
Nur 3500 Nur 3520 Nur 3890

*Students typically transfer 34 nursing credits from the Associate Degree program. This plan of study assumes the student has completed all their gen-ed and required 60 LAS credits. It permits completion of the nursing portion in 2 semesters. It is offered in a cohort model beginning in the fall semester.